After Panic Buyers Invaded, Corona Beer Is Not The Only Item On Shelves Remains Untouched

Salena Harshini |Mar 20, 2020

While shoppers scrambled in the toilet rolls, precooked meats, and even condom aisles, panic buyers seemed not very interested in these 10+ items.

In recent days, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a huge wave of shopping at supermarkets in the US and European countries. Commodities, especially essentials such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer and food, constantly vanish from the shelves. Many people who arrive late even have to leave empty-handed because they cannot find the necessary items.

Panic Buying
Panic buying has been intense since coronavirus spread

We have known which items are most purchased while the panic buying is still going on, but what are the foods that received people’s cod shoulder and remained almost untouched on the shelves?

Apart from corona beer, these photos show the LEAST popular items which have been ignored by buyers.

Least purchased items left on the shelves

Topping the list of course is ... Corona beer. Although the quality is unknown, the name o the brand is enough for us to understand why they are alienated by the community.

Corona Beer 1 corona beer

Fun fact: the beer line was rumored to be willing to pay $15 million for their name to be changed. It was said that they wanted the title to be altered into BudLightVirus. The viral news turned out to be fake after all.

Corona Beer
Corona beer gets tangled in this hard-to-explain situation

In sci-fi movies about plague, ham and pineapple pizzas never seem to appear. And in real life, it goes just the same.

Pizza Jambon corona beer

These cans of Manhattan clam soup are like geckos. They have the ability to be invisible whenever someone passes by.

Clam corona beer

For those who haven’t known, hummus is a savory or dip dish made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, garlic, and lemon juice. And those lonely boxes are chocolate and buffalo-flavored hummus. It just sounds wrong in every possible way to taste.

Hummus corona beer

Somewhere in Asia, shrimp ramens are worshiped as a unique symbol. However, in these countries, shrimp ramens have the same reputation as pineapple jambon pizza.

Noodles corona beer

Potato chips sound nice, but the problem is… these packs have absolutely no salt. You can hear them the echos of Akon's song Lonely somewhere.

Unsalted corona beer

Takis snack packs are lining to protest as they are abandoned amid the coronavirus season.

Takis corona beer

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Green peas are also among those having to receive the cold shoulder of customers. Perhaps because they are spherical, and the coronavirus shape is similar to spherical.

Green Pea corona beer

Lima beans are not spherical, but they are still not brought home! Lima beans and corona beer seem to be friends on this one.

Lima corona beer

These packs of carrots are no exception. Real commentary on the human condition - no matter what kind of mixed vegetables you buy, there’s ALWAYS too many carrots

Carrot corona beer

After the pandemic goes away, frozen onion and peppers makers will probably want to switch to trading other products.

Onion And Peppers corona beer

The chicken flavored burrito was famous for its undeniable deliciousness. But well, it’s the way life goes, we can’t foresee everything.

Chicken Burrito corona beerc

That is not the end for least purchased items at convenience stores and supermarkets. Besides corona beer, Loyd Grossman's pasta sauce and novelty soap like tonic and gin scented handwash were less taken.

Piles of gluten free products have also been snubbed, just like corona beer.

Gluten Free corona beer

Moreover, ready-cooked rice’s branded versions, non-diary milk like almond and oats are also standing although fresh and long life milk has long gone.

While precooked meats have been swept away in minutes, scotch broth and fresh soups are about to go rot on the shelves of some shops. Broccoli crust bears the same situation, though.

Broccoli corona beer

Furthermore, although bakes beans are unavailable because of excessive purchasing, their low-sugar substitutes are fixed to be left for latecomers.

In the chaotic time of coronavirus outbreak, it is quite understandable why people are panic buying everything (except corona beer and other things above). As more quarantine and self-isolation are happening, every citizen should stay as calm as possible and make sure that their acts amid this period is appropriate and does no harm to others around.

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