Chinese Martial Artists & Members of Mt. Everest Olympic Team Sent To Ladakh Before India-China Clash

Hanima Anand |Jun 29, 2020

The shocking revelation was made on the Chinese official military newspaper. This indicates that the deadly clash was already in the plan of Chinese government.

Two weeks after the bloody India-China clash on June 15, a shocking revelation was made by the Chinese military newspaper yesterday that their government had sent fighters from a martial arts club as well as a team of Mount Everest Olympic torch relay to the Ladakh region shortly before the skirmish.

Chinese Martial Artists To India China Clash
Chinese martial artists are known for their physical stamina and rapid attack.

These martial artists and professional mountain climbers were included in 5 new militia divisions who showed up for inspection in Lhasa on the day India-China clash happened.

Though the Chinese side didn’t state whether these martial arts fighters were directly involved in the clash earlier this month or not, a commander of Chinese troops in Tibet told that the recruitment of martial artists from Enbo Fight Club could ‘greatly raise organization and mobilization strength’ of their soldiers. Chinese army could also make use of their ‘rapid response and supporting ability.’

Chinese Troops To India China Clash
Chinese military newspaper reported that five new militia divisions were sent to the region.

This is considered an intentional move from Chinese government, an alleged preparation for the deadly clash which involved rods and rocks after the two countries reached an agreement of not using firearms within the disputed region.

Even when China doesn’t indicate the link of these martial arts fighters and Olympic mountain climbers, India believes the Chinese troops had ambushed Indian soldiers, causing 20 deaths on Indian side and supposedly 43 on Chinese side.

India China Clash On Cctv
Satellite images and CCTV footage all showed that hundreds of Chinese troops were added before the clash.

Chinese CCTV footage was also published in their military newspaper, showing hundreds of new troops in the Tibetan capital before the clash took place. These troops, as mentioned before, included professional fighters from a martial arts club and former members of the Mount Everest Olympic torch relay team.

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