China Military Holds Live-Fire Drill With 7,000 Soldiers In Eastern Tibet After Galwan Clash

Hanima Anand |Jun 18, 2020

Chinese sources reveal that the country is having a military exercise in eastern Tibet mountains after the bloody clash with Indian troops earlier this week.

Latest reports from Beijing show that its army is holding China military exercise, a live-fire drill in Tibet region where they also claimed theirs. The event is 1,000km far away from Galwan Valley, practicing artillery bombardment, precision sniping and conquering extreme environment.

China Military Exercise 1
China calls upon 7,000 soldiers for this military exercise.

Purpose for this live-fire drill, according to PLA (Chinese People's Liberation Army) is to simulate a mass removal of the enemy’s fortified positions. The military exercise is claimed to serve defense purposes.

The event takes place in the context of escalating tension between India and China around Himalayan border areas. It involves up to 7,000 soldiers from PLA on the altitude of 4,700m.

China Military Exercise 2
China military exercise involves tanks and drones on high altitude.

Chinese media reveal that this China military exercise include a variety of tasks combined, such as artillery, aviation, missiles, engineering, electronic warfare among some other special forces. Particularly, live-fire drill also makes use of drones and tanks.

The announcement on China military exercise is published after the India-China clash in Galwan Valley, but it doesn’t specify the date of the drill. They only mention the time as “recent days.”

This is considered as an act of showing off the strength of Chinese military forces, warning India against any army movement.

China Military Exercise 3
Picture of the live-fire drill shared by Chinese media.

Yesterday, the spokesperson of China also had a speech on the latest skirmish. He publicly claimed Galwan Valley theirs and said they didn’t want more clash. Chinese government is apparently playing being the victim in this clash, refusing any responsibility for the death of 20 Indian soldiers.

China hasn’t updated the number casualties on its side but US sources say it’s at least 35 while India estimated it was 43 soldiers.

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