Last Night Firing At Ladakh, 5 Youths Abducted By PLA Still Missing

Hanima Anand |Sep 08, 2020

The situation is becoming more intense when 5 youths from a northeastern village went missing, allegedly abducted by Chinese PLA. However, China persisted denying the claim.

Late-night firing at Ladakh, China blamed India for illegal crossing

Last night September 7, it’s reported that Indian and Chinese troops engaged in firing near Pangong Lake in Ladakh, intensifying the India-China Standoff since June.

According to the Indian government, after China opened fire at some Indian positions, Indian troops retaliated by firing warning shots at these Chinese troops. However, the situation was brought back under control not long after.

Indian Army
China refuted having opened fire, blaming Indian soldiers for crossing the border illegally.

Also speaking about the same event, the Chinese PLA totally blamed Indian side for the incident. They released a statement that on Monday, the Indian army had illegally crossed the line to enter Bangong Hunan that was at the western section of Sino-Indian border, which forces PLA to open fire.

The Indian government hasn’t made an official statement in response to PLA but we are sure to update if have.

Five youths abducted in Upper Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh

On another development, Arunachal police reported the missing of 5 youths from a north-eastern village to the India-China border. The authority alleged that these young citizens were abducted by PLA, the Chinese army, last Friday. Till now, there isn’t any information of their whereabouts.

To be specific, the five youths were living in the Nacho area of Upper Subansiri district, Arunachal Pradesh. They were involved in a group of 7 members hunting in a nearby jungle last Friday before being reported missing. It was known that these youths were also porters and guides to the Indian army there.

India China Troops In Ladakh
The five youths help to guide Indian army around the areas, and unfortunately got abducted.

In an attempt to rescue the youths, the Indian army has sent a hotline message to the PLA. However, the Chinese side dismissed the claim about the abducted youths as well as Arunachal Pradesh state of India.

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that the Chinese government had never recognized “Arunachal Pradesh” but only knew the part of south Tibet.

This is not the first time Indian youths were abducted by the Chinese army. Back in March, 2020, a 21-year-old was also captured and taken away at gunpoint while his two friends escaped. The man was only released after 19 days by the PLA.

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