China Playing Victim in India-China Skirmish: ‘Galwan Valley Ours & Obviously We Don’t Want More Clash’

Hanima Anand |Jun 18, 2020

Speaking on the latest clash between India and China troops at Galwan Valley, Chinese spokesperson said that the valley was theirs and the clash happened on their territory.

It’s not the first time China plays hypocrisy to bully other neighboring countries, but this time, they openly claimed Galwan Valley was theirs in a public speech, blaming India for the recent clash in the area.

Chinese Spokesperson On Galwan Valley
Chinese spokesperson Zhao Lijian

Yesterday, Zhao Lijian, the spokesperson of Chinese government has had a press interview on the India-China skirmish, in which he said:

“[China] owns sovereignty over the Galwan Valley region… For us, obviously, we don’t want to see more clashes.”

The statement hints Indian wrongful activities in the area and asserts that China has the right to protect its territory by fighting any foreign troops there.

“The facts are straightforward, so are the rights and wrongs. It happened on the Chinese side of the LAC. The onus is not on China.”

The speech immediately evokes controversy in the global public when China claims the region theirs and plays being a victim so they don’t need to take responsibility for the clash.

Galwan Valley India China Skirmish
The statement from Chinese government is groundless, enraging global community.

When being asked about the casualties on Chinese side, the spokesperson neglected the main question, just saying Chinese government would resolve things in peace and tranquility.

Back to their speech of hypocrisy, previous reports indicated that China had agreed to remove a tent in the area, allowing Indian soldiers to perform the task after the meeting with Indian side. However, when our soldiers approached the spot, they were deliberately waiting there with rods, clubs and stones to attack.

For a long time, Chinese hypocrisy and illegal claim of others’ lands is not a strange topic to the global community, particularly with their neighbors. However, their evil intentions are becoming clearer in broad daylight with public speech like this.

Indian residents are protesting to boycott China products. Many Chinese apps which are popular in India are also being flagged by Indian Intelligence agency.

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