PLA Soldiers Crying For Fear Of Fighting Indian Army, China Dismissed The Claim But Netizens Said Otherwise

Hanima Anand |Sep 24, 2020

It is seen clearly in the video that young Chinese soldiers cry badly on their way to the Indian border. Taiwan newspaper who published the video said they feared Indian army but China disagrees.

Since the Ladakh standoff in June, the tension between the Indian army and Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) keeps escalating. Both countries are sending more soldiers to the hot spot in case of negative developments. Recently, on Taiwan News, a media channel of Taiwan, reporters have shared a video of young Chinese soldiers on the bus to the Indian border.

Chinese Soldiers Crying For Fear Of Indian Army
China has removed the original WeChat video but people managed to repost in on Twitter.

Chinese soldiers seen crying on the way to India-China frontline

In the recording, most PLA fighters were seen crying while singing along the popular song of Chinese army named Green Flowers in the Army. Young men appeared to be very emotional, some sobbing and some crying badly.

The video was first uploaded on a WeChat page but then soon deleted after.

However, it was saved and shared back by the Taiwanese media who mocked the mainland China administrators that the video was a sign of fear. Both newspapers as Taiwan News and Liberty Times implied that these Chinese soldiers crying on their way to Indian border because they were scared.

Chinese Soldiers Crying To The Indian Border
The soldiers were then trolled for crying like high school students.

According to the news agency, these soldiers were college students. Five of them volunteered to be deployed in Tibet.

Chinese media said soldiers got emotional when bidding farewell to parents

Reacting to the video, Chinese media dismissed the claim by Taiwanese News. The China newspaper Global Times explained that these soldiers were bidding farewell to their parents on the background of the famous song Green Flowers in the Army. The lyrics went as Go home when you celebrate your work, which moved the young soldiers and made them look emotional in the recording.

You can take a look at the video of Chinese soldiers crying in the Tweet below!

For your information, the Twitter user captioned his post as “I was told to go to the front line after getting in the bus. The cannon fodder was crying.”

What leaked out by Chinese netizens

Based on the Tweet caption, the young soldiers were not bidding farewell to their parents and they were only informed of being sent to the frontline after getting on the vehicle. If this is the truth, these Chinese soldiers crying is due to their fear for the harsh condition and risk of fighting against the Indian army.

Chinese Soldiers Vs Indian Soldiers
Indian soldiers, with a more well-built physique, have advantages in cold-fighting.

Some comments below the Tweet also correspond to the theory, in which the most liked comment reads:

"Looking at the screenshot of WeChat a few days ago, it was the chat of someone with one of the soldier’s mother. He took part in the battle between China and India but he was not allowed to shoot. He must avoid the bullet crossing the border because that was regarded as starting a war. He could only fight with cold weapons like a gang fight. The young boy then broke his bone and injured but fortunately saved his life. Another boy who was just 17-year-old lost his life in the battle though. It’s too pitiful looking at this bus, seeing all those young teenagers sent to fight on the frontline."

Comment On Video Of Chinese Soldiers Crying
The comment that gives details about the video context.

Though the Chinese government has banned all popular social media like Facebook or Twitter in their country, such information still gets leaked out. Chinese social media hasn’t responded to the remaining Tweet yet.

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