Who Started The Clash? Chinese Pelted Stones, Used Wired Clubs To Attack Indian Soldiers

Hanima Anand |Jun 17, 2020

The latest reports inform that Chinese soldiers started the attack by using wired clubs and stones to injure Indian soldiers. Our side lost 20 army personnel when China suffered 43 casualties.

China deliberately heats up tension to attack Indian soldiers

The violent clash of India-China broke out on late night of June 15. Initial reports showed that 3 Indian soldiers were killed but later information confirms there are up to 20 deaths on Indian side.

China doesn’t publish any statistic over the clash. However, Indian sources estimated they suffered 43 casualties. The reports also noted that we were outnumbered by the enemy. The Indian delegation was just one-third by number compared to Chinese.

India China Clash 1
Chinese soldiers deliberately attack Indian soldiers, forcing our men to fight back.

Before the faceoff, Chinese soldiers had waited for the heated occasion then started to attack violently with stones, sticks and barbed wired clubs they have.

Clearly, China didn’t intend to compromise. They didn’t fulfill their commitment of moving back further as discussed with Indian army. They just deliberately evoked conflicts so they had a reason to attack our soldiers.

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Indian rapid development scared China

Explaining for Chinese brutal act and massive troop build-up on controversial territories, analysts say that there are many reasons behind this plan but one noticeable could be due to the rapid development of Indian infrastructure in border regions.

India China Clash 2
The rapid infrastructure development from Indian side scares Chinese.

The infrastructure expansion of India has angered China, causing their worries over New Delhi’s potentials and forced them to speed up their evil plans over others’ territory, including Indian areas and Nepal’s Everest.

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US will closely observe India-China clash

Reacting to the news of violent India-China clash in Ladakh, the US government said they would closely monitor movements from both sides. They hope that the clash would be resolved in peace.

Meanwhile, a US official also sent condolence to families of dead military soldiers in India while fighting against Chinese army. He informed further:

“Both India and China have expressed their desires to de-escalate and the US supports a peaceful resolution of the current situation. During their phone call on June 2, 2020, President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi had discussed the situation along the India-China border.”

India China Clash 3
Indian people burned photos of Xi Jinping - the President of China.

As for the Indian government and all Indian residents, we determine to protect our sovereignty under any circumstances.

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