Four Members Of Chinese Film Director Family Died of CoronaVirus Within 14 Days

Rose Advani |Feb 17, 2020

The film director Chang Kai, his parents, and his sister have passed away by the infection of the Covid-19. This is the first case of celebrities who died of the Covid-19 in China.

Chang Kai, the director of Hubei film studio, passed away at the age of 55 on February 14 after the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak. More sadness, three of his family included his parents and his sister also died by this nCoV virus.

Film director Chang Kai and his family died by the Covid-19 in Wuhan

Within 14 days, the tragedy came from the deadly virus – Covid-19 took three lives of the Chang Kai family. The filmmaker during the infected time revealed that the main cause of the deaths causing by pneumonia from the Covid-19.

According to the reliable sources, Sina and QQ, the 55-year-old director began to appear infected symptoms from mid-January. Before infecting, his father passed away on January 27 after a few days being found the Covid-19 infection. A week later, his mother also died by this deadly virus. The sorrow continued with his sister and him, they left the world on Valentine’s Day.

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Currently, his wife also infected this Covid-19 virus and she had some positive signs. Meanwhile, his son who studies in the UK can not get the reunion to share the big loss with his mother because of the outbreak.

Chang Kai is a notable film director in Hubei studio film

Notably, the letter of the actor left before leaving went viral. In the letter, Chang Kai shared about his tragedy and the sadness that he and his family underwent. Here are his last words of the letter:

Screenshot 3

The tragedy from the Covid-19 came to Chang Kai's family

Here is the first case of Chinese celebrity who passed away because of infecting this global Covid-19 virus. The public and media and other stars showed their condolences with the tragedy of Chang’s family through social media. Many colleagues at Hubei's film studio share that the director is a heartwarming person who puts his passion for career and devotes themselves to art.  His leaving is a big loss to Hubei filmmaker.

Covid 19 Update Feb 17 (Source: ecdc)

As of Monday - February 17, China had recorded 70,636 cases of the Covid-19 and 1,772 deaths.

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