China Makes "Boycott China" T-Shirts And Caps To Sell In India

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 22, 2020

As the economy of China is nearly morbid after the coronavirus crisis sweeping over the country for half of a year, they're trying to boost the sale by selling everything which is in demand.

While the tension in the China-India border is yet to be settled, the ‘Boycott China products’ trend is also on the rise in India. In fact, the ‘Boycott China Products’ campaign has been started since the early of June and continues to receive support from all parts of India. The Prime Minister also calls out people to use local products which are made in India instead of those from our aggressive neighbor. 

Boycott China 1
Indian is supporting the Boycott Made In China campaign due to the clash between the two armies in the border

While the ‘Boycott China Products’ campaign is in full swing in India, China is in the rush for making ‘boycott China’ caps and T-shirts to send to India. It can be seen that China is trying to maximize the profit from the neighbor which is boycotting them. 

Boycott China
Products which support the idea of boycotting China has been made available on the market and all of them are made in China

In fact, India is hitting the China economy hard as Indian people have stopped buying products or using apps made by Chinese companies. Meanwhile, the economy of China is nearly morbid after the coronavirus crisis sweeping over the country for half of a year. 

Boycott China 3
China is making 'boycott china' caps as the demand from India is great

In fact, Boycott China caps and T-shirts have been available in the online markets and have been spotted in India. Therefore, please carefully check before buying a T-shirt or cap with slogan ‘Boycott China’ or similar messages as that product can be made in China.

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Meanwhile, the protest against China is going to unfold across the country as crowds keep burning photos of China flag and China president Xi Jinping. If you're unsure which products are from China and Chinese companies, check out the list of China products in India as following: Boycott China Products List: What Products In India Are From Chinese Brands?


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