Boycott China Products List: What Products In India Are From Chinese Brands?

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 18, 2020

If you’re confused about whether the smartphone and apps you’re using are from China or not, keep scrolling for the boycott China products list!

Among the largest trading partners of India, China is no doubt the largest one with the total trade value is $84.4 billion annually. There are many Chinese products and companies in India but not everyone can tell which ones belong to our dominating neighbor.As the border disputes between India and China is accelerating, the boycott China products list has become the most searched keyword on the internet.

If you’re confused about whether the smartphone you’re having on your hand is from China or not, keep scrolling down to find the answer.

boycott china products list
What products you're using are in the boycott china products list, check them out!

Boycott China products list

China is investing more and more money in India which explains why we can spot out countless Chinese products and companies available in India. In fact, China is funding its capital in 5 main sectors with the largest one is the Automobile industry which accounts for 40% of the total investment. This is followed by other sectors include Metallurgical Industry (17%), Power (7%), Construction (5%), and Services (4%).

Check out the boycott china products list as following:

  • Chinese Mobile Companies
  1. Xiaomi (Mi)
  2. Vivo
  3. Oppo
  4. Huawei
  5. Oneplus
  6. Motorola
  7.  Coolpad
  8. Lenovo
  9. Honor
  10. Meizu
  11. LeEco
  12. Tecno
  13. Gionee
  14. Gfive
  15. TCL
  • Chinese Software Companies
  1. Bytedance:  including TikTok, News Republic, and Vigo Video
  2. Alibaba Group: popular for its product UC Browser
  3. Tencent Holding: WeChat and Pubg
  4. Cheetah Mobile: known for several mobile apps like Cheetah Keyboard, Whatscall, Tap Tap Dash, CM Browser, Battery Doctor, Clean Master, CM Browser and CM Backup
  5. Huawei
  6. ZTE
  • Other Chinese Products
  1. Haier
  2. MG (from SAIC Motors)
  3. Volvo (from Geely)
  4. Shanghai Electric India Pvt. Ltd.
  5. Nippon Paint (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  6. Beijing Automotive
  7. Beijing Automotive
  8. ZTE KangunTelecon Company (I) P. Ltd.
  9. WISCO (I) P. Ltd.
  10. China Dongfang International
  11. Shougang International
  12. Baoshan Iron & Steel Ltd.
  13. China Dongfang International
  14. Chongqing Lifan Industry Ltd.
  15. Sany Heavy Industry Ltd.
  16. YAPP India Automotives Systems Pvt. Ltd."
  17. Cheetah Multitrade P. Ltd.

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Xiaomi India boycott china products list
Xiaomi is said to be the no.1 smartphone brand in India

Boycott Chinese products movement

In fact, the Boycott Chinese products movement has been sparked in many countries around the world especially in India, Philippines, Vietnam and the US for a while due to the low quality of Chinese products and the political conflicts between China and the mentioned countries.

Although there are some Indian people who are against China and the idea of using Chinese products, the real Boycott Chinese products movement hasn't been started until the border clash between India and China is in high tension this June. People keep searching for the boycott china products list, stop buying new products from the list and destroy any products which are ‘made in China’.

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boycott china products list
Indian burn out anything from the Boycott China products list as a way to show their protest against the border clash between China and India

Apart from boycotting Chinese products, Indians who are no stranger to the China-based video-sharing app TikTok are also calling out for others to delete the app from their phone as well as asking the government to ban TikTok in India. The app is also banned among the U.S agencies as it is said to leak the user’s personal information and send it to China.

It’s not hard to see that China is playing an important part in the Indian economy. However, when our country is being threatened by the dominating neighbor, boycott China product is away to hit the Chinses economy. Share the boycott china products list to your friends and family and try to use as less Chinese products as possible.

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