[Breaking News] Princes Harry And William To Be Investigated For Misuse Of Charity Money

Hanima Anand |Jul 21, 2020

The royal brothers are facing allegations of the misuse of nearly £300,000 charity money. A probe will soon be launched to confirm or clear the doubts.

Since Harry and Meghan withdrew from the royal titles, the couple experiences strict scrutiny from public eyes who grasp any chance to point out their wrong decisions. Yesterday, shocking discovery was made regarding the eco-friendly travel firm of this couple, accusing both Princes Harry and William of misusing a total amount of roughly £300,000 charity money.

Harry And Meghan
Harry and Meghan can't escape the scrutiny from the public even after they quit their royal titles.

The Charity Commission of the UK is facing public pressure to carry out a probe into the possible conflict of interest or any inappropriate use of this amount of charity money.

£290,000 grants from William are to support Harry, not for charity purposes?

Things started last year when the charity Royal Foundation by William and Kate transferred two grants of £290,000 (Rs. 2.7 crore) to the non-profit organization named Sussex Royal by Harry and Meghan.

On its homepage, Royal Foundation is stated to serve philanthropic purposes, working to improve public mental health, early years of human development, wildlife conservations and emergency responders. The two grants above are supposed to be used for these purposes after being delivered to Sussex Royal.

William And Kate
William and Kate are also involved in the incident.

In the official announcement of Sussex Royal, they also claim to use the organization to protect rights for the Community, the Monarchy and the Commonwealth. There is no statement regarding personal use or any private organizations.

However, people found out that £145,000 of the charity money was later transferred to Travalyst, a private company owned mostly by Harry. Harry is holding 75% of the company shares.

In January when Harry and Meghan left the royal family to lead a normal life, their organization Sussex Royal was closed. Surprisingly, instead of being sent to another charity run by other royal members, all the funds of Sussex Royal (including grants from Royal Foundation) were delivered to Travalyst.

An anti-monarchist member of the Republic group requests an official probe as soon as possible as he thinks the main objective of the grants from William and Kate appears to support Harry, not vulnerable groups as stated in their mission.

Princes Harry And William
Prince William is claimed to support Harry on personal purposes with the charity grants.

This man continues:

“Harry’s own charity is now closing and he appears to be taking the charity’s money with him. I can’t see how that isn’t a breach of charity law.”

Reactions from Princes Harry and William

In response to the allegations, the legal team of Harry refuted the claims, referring them as ‘false’, ‘deeply offensive’ and ‘salaciously created.’ Harry’s side hasn’t given any proof or arguments to clear the doubts though.

Harry And Meghan 2
Before the incident, royal family members were seen frequently in charity activities.

Meanwhile, the Royal Foundation by William and Kate affirmed that their grants were to ‘support the charitable work’ of Harry and Meghan, who were The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at that time.

They said all the governance requirements were met and transference was reported transparently.

As for the Charity Commission, they haven’t made ‘any determination of wrongdoing’ as they said. However, the public is still urging a probe into the conflict of interest in using the funds.

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