#Backoffchina: After Disrupting India-China Relation, Chinese Sparked War With Nepal

Salena Harshini |May 11, 2020

When China and India troops clash near Naku La Pass is still raging on the Internet, Chinese media once again showed their ridiculous greed by claiming Mount Everest totally on its side, causing #backoffchina protest on Twitter!

Clash between India and China troops

Yesterday, it was leaked out that China and India troops had been involved in a fierce face-off near Naku La Pass in the Sikkim sector of Sino-India border.

The last incident of clash between two national troops occurred nearly 3 years ago in Pangong Lake in Ladakh, back in August 2017.

Chinese Troops Entering India Border
Chinese troops have several times entered the Indian border with greedy intention.

The latest face-off was reported to happen on Saturday, with 150 soldiers involved. Many sustained injuries after exchanging punches with the other side.

The reason behind this India-China troops clash is the unresolved dispute over a 3,488m-long line of the border. While both sides have agreed to pend the final resolution to maintain peace in the region since 1996, the Chinese government is seemingly unable to hide their conspiracy.

In 2006, the Chinese ambassador in India once again claimed that the entire Arunachal Pradesh state belonged to Chinese territory, regardless of Indian presence in the area for a long time before.

Chinese state-run media claimed Mount Everest entirely on its side

If you read the news daily, you can easily spot Chinese greed behind their every movement. They ask for the entire East Sea as their territory, continually violating international rules to expand their border.

And now, their latest action – claiming the entire Mount Everest on their side, is unacceptable.

Backoffchina Tweet
The Tweet from CGTN - a Beijing state-run media agency.

It would not be a national problem if the statement comes out of an individual. However, it’s tweeted on CGTN – a Beijing’s state-run media agency, possibly with the approval of Chinese government.

This has irked Nepal citizens and they have started a #backoffchina trend on Twitter to demand for clarification.

Below is the CGTN’s Tweet:

"In pictures: An extraordinary sun halo was spotted Friday in the skies over Mount #Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest, the world's highest peak located in China's #Tibet Autonomous Region,"

And here are reactions from Nepal citizens:

"Dear @PRCAmbNepal don't you think this is fair? We want clarification. #backoffchina,"

"...the world's highest peak located in China's Tibet... Really bummed we've been taught to believe Everest is in Nepal all these years. Thanks, CGTN."

"Now, it's China's turn? As if Mount #Everest, aka #Sagarmatha in #Nepal, is solely of #China in TAR!"

Netizens are voting #backoffchina to make it top trend on Twitter.

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