Man Roped Paralyzed Mother To His Back To Fulfill Her Travelling Dream

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 22, 2021

The story of a man carrying his mother on the back and roped her to his body to complete her dream of traveling touched the heart of everyone and remind us how sacred the mother and children relationship is.

The mother-child relationship is obviously one of the most sacred relationships in the world. Recently, the story of a man carrying his 81-year-old paralyzed on his back to complete her traveling dream has brought tears to everyone. The heartbreaking story quickly went viral and became a source of inspiration about the mother and children relationship.

Mr. Chen Xiang is a 45-year-old man who lives in Hunan, China. After working far from home for years, he decided to go back to his hometown to spend more time with his old parents and to take care of them.

Man Rope Mother To His Back
This man carried his mother on the back and roped her to his body to complete her dream of traveling

Mr. Xiang’s mother is already an 81 years old woman. After getting a stroke 10 years ago, she was paralyzed and could not travel anywhere out of the town. However, she has always wanted to go to Guizhou where her son used to work when he was young.

Being acknowledged that her mother is getting weaker and her time is about to get over, Mr. Xiang decided to take his parents and the family to Guizhou on the new year holiday.

However, as it’s convenient for them to carry along the wheelchair to some locations, Mr. Xiang came up with the idea of carrying his mother on his back and tied her to his body to make sure of safety.

Man Ropes Mother To His Back
His family had a nice trip together, it could be one of the last trips of his parents

The whole family got precious moments together when traveling around the city. Although it’s not easy to carry his mother walking a long distance, Mr. Xiang was so happy seeing his mother’s dream is completed.

According to Mr. Xiang, as her mother carried him when he was young, it was now his turn to carry his mother when she was weak.

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Man Rope Mother To His Back Travel
the story impressed the passerby and went viral on the internet

Many people were strongly impressed with the man who tied his paralyzed on the back and took photos of them. The story was shared on popular social media and went viral in no time and touched the hearts of millions of people. Mr. Xiang and his mother were also donated $800 from a charity.

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