Left On The Highway, This Dog Walked 60 Km In 26 Days To Reach Home

Hanima Anand |Mar 31, 2021

The loyal canine was left by its owners in a highway service area. However, it managed to walk 60 kilometers in 26 days to return home.

Dou Dou was a 7-year-old dog in a Chinese family. During a long trip last year, the entire family stopped for a break in a motorway service area on the highway and forgot Dou Dou there. It’s not until they reached their destination that they realized the pooch was missing.

Though the family came back to the service area the very next day to look for the dog, they couldn’t find any trace of it. When everyone lost the hope of finding the canine, it was able to return home itself after 26 days. The fluffy pooch looked dirty and emaciated but it could recover soon.

Dou Dou Missing Dog
Dou Dou before and after the long walk

The miracle return of Dou Dou

According to the owner, his family traveled from Hangzhou to the countryside to visit their relatives. When they stopped at Tong Lu Service Station on the highway, the couple thought Dou Dou was staying in the car while they were looking after their kids. However, when they reached the relative’s home, they found that the dog was gone.

Early in the morning the following day, the owner drove his car back to Tong Lu service station to find Dou Dou. However, he couldn’t see any trace during 2 hours of searching. Within one month after that, the man also returned to the area several times with a view to seeing the dog but there wasn’t a sign of it.

Service Station On Chinese Highway
Though the owner came back to the station to search for Dou Dou several times, he could never see it.

When he and his wife lost the hope of finding Dou Dou, they found a filthy stray dog standing on their doorstep. He was even about to shoo it away before seeing the face of their beloved dog. The owner said he could hardly recognize the pet as it was so emaciated but it was definitely Dou Dou.

Fortunately, Dou Dou didn’t suffer any injuries. It’s tired due to the long walk but has gained back its energy some days after its return.

The story of Dou Dou has caused controversies on social media. Some said the dog found the way back home by chance while others insisted it had the ability to find his home from that far. Even experts were confused by the story.

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