Appalling Facts Inside Indian Shelter Home For Juveniles: 5 Girls Pregnant, 1 Infected With HIV & 57 Tested Covid-Positive

Hanima Anand |Jun 22, 2020

The reports shocked the entire nation as the shelter home is run by the government, raising doubts towards the effectiveness of other juvenile facilities.

When everyone expects the government-run centers are those with strict supervision and a shelter from the deadly virus as well as social evils out there, things turn opposite with this Indian shelter home for juveniles in Uttar Pradesh.

This revelation is just the latest among various horrible facts about these so-called 'shelter homes.'

Indian Shelter Home 1
Not many Indian shelter homes are really a 'shelter' for children. Photo: Yash Jain.

Girls pregnant, infected with HIV and coronavirus inside shelter home

The shocking revelation was made after teenagers in a shelter center were tested for coronavirus, where accidentally 5 girls were found pregnant.

More seriously, one inmate has been infected with HIV while 57 others were confirmed positive with Covid-19. The juveniles were believed to be infected from other inmates in the shelter home.

However, the authorities insist that the first 5 girls mentioned had been pregnant before they were brought to the quarantine center from different districts. They couldn’t give evidence though.

Indian Shelter Home 2
Congress is calling for urgent actions and investigations into govt-run shelter homes.

According to reports, this is the Kanpur shelter home located in Uttar Pradesh in India. Kanpur Commissioner Sudhir Mahadev informed that the authority was scanning all juveniles there for coronavirus when shocking results came out.

He said they would launch an investigation to see whether the girls were pregnant before or after coming into the shelter home.

Meanwhile, the Congress General Priyanka Gandhi and Congress leader Prasada accused the Kanpur shelter home condition as inhuman and appalling, saying stricter actions must be taken to stop the trauma teenage girls here are suffering.

Conditions inside Indian shelter home

For a long time, Indian shelter home has been accused of treating juveniles like non-humans. From a place of shelter, these centers turn to a horror movie for any adolescent to step in.

Reports show that teenagers inside these Indian shelter home are often victims of sexual assault to different levels. There are times when children reported that they were harassed during counseling sessions in these shelter homes.

Indian Shelter Home 3
This should not be called a shelter, it's a nightmare to many children.

Four years ago, a 12-year-old boy was also abused sexually by a security guard and other inmates in New Delhi shelter home, causing him to be HIV-positive. Two caretakers of another NGO center were reported to rape minor girl inmates who were mostly orphans.

Not just that, there is proof that juveniles who spent their rehabilitation time in these centers do not improve their behavior. A boy named Rahul committed sexual crimes twice before and after he stayed in a government-run center home.

So what is the point of running those Indian shelter homes while it’s not correcting people but also threatening their lives? hope the authorities would launch serious investigations into these facilities and make timely changes to the situation.

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