TV Actress Malvi Malhotra Recalled The Moment Singh Stabbed On Her Face For Rejecting His Marriage Proposal

Hanima Anand |Oct 29, 2020

Two days after the incident, the 29-year-old actress was still haunted by the horrendous crime of the producer-stalker who stabbed her in the stomach and wanted to injure her face.

On October 27, the thriving TV actress Malvi Malhotra was hospitalized with serious injuries on her abdomen. Her hands were also severely wounded. It turned out she was attacked for rejecting the marriage proposal of a producer named Yogesh Mahipal Singh.

Malvi Malhotra Photo 1
The young actress has to undergo plastic surgery post her injury treatment.

After two days of critical treatment at Kolkilaben hospital, the 29-year-old actress starts recovering and has undergone plastic surgery to treat scars and injury throughout her body. Sharing with ETimes, Malvi Malhotra recalled the terrifying moment she was stabbed by the criminal.

Malvi Malhotra just returned to Mumbai from Dubai for 15 days. She had an appointment with a production director on Tuesday. As the café was just 5-minute away from her house in Seven Bungalows in Andheri, she walked back home after the meeting.

Malvi Malhotra Photo 2
Malvi was attacked on the way home after the meeting with a DOP.

While she was walking on the road, she saw Yogesh Singh sitting in a car. He asked Malvi to explain why she had been avoiding him recently. After Malvi requested the sick producer to stop his harassment, Singh got out of the car and stabbed her in the stomach.

What’s more shocking is the stalker continued to target her face. Realizing that, Malvi Malhotra tried to cover her face with both hands while Singh aimed the knife at it. The result was the knife went deep into Malvi’s right hand. Her left hand also suffered bruises on the fingers region.

It’s not until Malvi Malhotra collapsed to the ground, bleeding profusely that the murderer left.

Malvi Malhotra Photo 3
She suffered deep agony and trauma after the incident.

At that time, there were some people cycling on the road. They rushed the actress to the hospital.

Things started some months ago when Malvi Malhotra met Yogesh at Ooty where she filmed a Tamil movie. In fact, the two had met each other back in January but he just discussed work with her in previous meetings.

On the third time they met at Ooty, Yogesh Singh said he fell in love with Malvi and that he wanted to marry her. The actress politely refused the proposal but ensured him that this wouldn’t affect their friendship. However, she refrained from meeting Singh later.

Malvi Malhotra Photo 4
The TV actress politely refused the proposal and refrained from seeing the vicious producer.

Just a few weeks after being rejected, Singh aggressively approached Malvi Malhotra in different ways: constant messaging, waiting for her at different spots and taking flowers to her building. One time, Yogesh waited for 10 hours outside Malvi’s residence. This forced the girl to beg him to stop his harassment.

Though Malvi has been treated by professional doctors, her hand remains numbing. The knife incision in her abdomen is up to 1.5 inches. Only by reading newspapers did her parents know the shocking story. They would arrive in Mumbai tomorrow. The actress said she didn’t tell her parents about the harassment before as she didn’t think it would end up like this.

Malvi Malhotra Photo 5
It may take months before Malvi could resume her shooting schedules as normal.

Meanwhile, the latest reports from police informed that the accused was traced to a hospital at Vasai in Palghar district. He would soon be arrested and face severe punishment for his actions.

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