17-Yr Pregnant Girl Was Sold To Paramour By Her Own Parents For Rs 50,000

Hanima Anand |Jun 20, 2020

The news came as a shock to everyone who read it. The Gujarat parents were reported to even ask for more money while bargaining with the paramour over their pregnant daughter.

The story of a pregnant girl in Gujarat once again raises an alarming fact of human trafficking in India but this time, it’s hundred times more heart-breaking when the 17-year-old was sold by her own parents who even bargained over her 'price'.

Pregnant girl sold by parents to the paramour

Reports told that the teenage girl was made pregnant by a guy named Vikas Vasara, but didn’t reveal whether it’s a voluntary relationship or there is any sexual harassment here. The thing is, her parents knew the guy and decided to ask him to buy their daughter with Rs. 50,000 (around $655).

Indian Pregnant Girl Sold By Parents 1
The seventeen-year-old reported her parents' inhuman deal with the police timely.

A relative also advised the father to bargain for more, because Rs. 50,000 was a very cheap price while his 17-year-old girl was still considered a minor. They should take advantage of this point to ask for more money. And the father did it.

However, before they could finish the inhuman deal, police have been informed and rescued the unfortunate pregnant girl. Her merciless parents and the paramour have been kept in a quarantine center to wait for the decision from the authorities.

Human trafficking in India

For a long time, human trafficking is a serious problem in this populated country where an estimation of up to 65 million people have been affected by this crime.

Indian Pregnant Girl Sold By Parents 2
Trafficked women and girls in India are forced to marriage or sexual exploitation.

Human trafficking in India can happen to either men or women, adults or children for multi-purposes. While men are mostly sold for labour, women and small girls are trafficked both within and outside the country for sexual exploitation.

To lure people into their traps, human traffickers often use fraudulent acts, forcing their victims to work for them to pay debt. Some are kidnapped or sold by relatives, or friends.

However, the story of Gujarat pregnant girl was among rare cases sold by her own parents who only care about the amount of money they can get over their daughter's life.

Indian Pregnant Girl Sold By Parents 3
Please spread knowledge and raise your voice to protect these fragile lives!

In recent days, people show strong protest towards China killing 20 Indian soldiers or towards Bollywood nepotism who led to the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. However, they forget that there are many long-term problems in the country that need attention as well, and human trafficking is one of them.

Please voice your opinion, share knowledge and take actions to protect our people from human trafficker evils!

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