Andhra Pradesh Elderly Abandoned By Her Own Son After Testing Positive With Covid-19

Hanima Anand |Jul 06, 2020

The 80-year-old woman sat alone at a bus station, waiting for her son to buy water but he never returned. A few days ago, her test at the hospital showed positive result.

Covid-19 elderly mom abandoned in Andhra Pradesh

The apathetic incident took place at Macharla town in Guntur of Andhra Pradesh. The 80-year-old woman was living with her daughter in Goa but she has just come back to Macharla to claim her monthly pension and visit her son there.

Covid 19 Elderly Patients India 1
Elderly people are the most vulnerable group to Covid-19.

However, she started to develop symptoms of Covid-19 at his place so he took her to a nearby hospital for a test. The result said positive, which led to her ordeal later.

According to police reports, the son named Venkateswara Rao intentionally took his 80-year-old mother to a bus station in Macharla on Thursday last week. He told her to sit waiting for him, that he would go buy some water and return in no time.

He didn’t come back to pick up the elderly.

It was not until the passengers at the bus station noticed the elderly that they found out the truth. They had asked her for more details and informed Macharla police.

The elderly woman was then taken to a Covid-19 quarantine center in Guntur by local health officials.

Abandoned Mom In India
Sadly, to many Indian young people, elderly parents are burdens.

Contacting the apathetic son, Macharla discovered that he was physically challenged. He admitted his wrongdoings and explained that he was afraid his mom would spread the virus to other members in his family. Local police has registered a case against Venkateswara on Friday.

The increasing number of Covid-19 cases in India has unveiled many dark sides in the society. More and more Covid-19 patients are abandoned by their own relatives, some fear they would be contracted with the virus while others claim they wouldn’t afford the treatment for these patients.

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Alarming concern from public reactions

More seriously, the public seems to be more indifferent to these cases. Some even say euthanasia should be adopted to help end the pain of infected elderly people. Instead of disapproving such action of the son in the story, many people apparently show relation to his fear, blaming the pandemic for forcing people to take extreme steps.

In fact, the world has witnessed a lot of cases where elderly people have survived the virus, with the aid of medical treatment and support from their families. Suggestions like euthanasia are just excuses for irresponsibility. How can people think they should end one’s life when they haven’t tried to save the person yet? That is not to mention that ailing person is their own parent.

Covid 19 Elderly Patients India 2
These 93 and 88-year-old patients in Kerala have survived the deadly virus. hopes the authorities would introduce strict laws regarding these inhuman actions so that our children can believe in a more sympathetic world when they grow up.

Please remember anyone could become an 80-year-old mom or dad one day. Please treat your parents like the way you hope your children would treat you when you’re old.

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