Adult Film Star Kendra Sunderland Banned From Instagram After Joking About Having An Affair With Instagram CEO

Salena Harshini |Dec 14, 2020

Adult movie star Kendra Sunderland has had her Instagram account taken down after joking about sex with Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri.

Instagram has banned adult film star Kendra Sunderland from the platform after she went too far with her jokes, saying that she was able to upload against-policy, illicit content as she and Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri were reportedly in an affair. As per the report of DailyMail, she said that made those notes when she was drunk which was rubbished by Instagram.

Adam Mosseri 1
Sunderland claimed that she was having an affair with Adam Mosseri, which resulted in her IG account being taken down

The verified account of the 25-year-old adult star that had 2.2 million followers was pulled down post she uploaded a topless photo of herself and it was not taken down fpr multiple weeks. Sunderland also claimed that she could post bare images as well as other X-rated content as she did sex acts on the Instagram CEO who a married dad of three.

She bragged on her post, “Hey guys! I just wanna let you know I’m not deleted yet… I’m bats**t crazy. I might be sucking off the CEO of Instagram. But whatever it is, I’m here to stay!” 

In a talk with a daily, Kendra Sunderland said she had consumed too many White Claws, spiked sparkling water, when she published the claims regarding Mosseri and she was not sure whether she got pulled down due to her Mosseri claims or her provocative content.

Kendra Sunderland
Kendra Sunderland often posted racy content on Instagram but was not taken down

“I’m not really sure exactly if that’s why. I was also going crazy on Live yesterday, doing things I know I shouldn’t have and was just drunk and didn’t care. I’m guessing that’s why.”

She also added, “I would be surprised if the other reason was why because I said it in such a joking manner. I never even really knew who the CEO of Instagram was, or anything. I’ve never met this person before in my life. I think having my t***ies out shouldn’t have been a problem because guys can be shirtless on Instagram Live, and there shouldn’t be any difference.”

Kendra Sunderland did say that what she was doing with an adult toy might be “too far” and added, ‘I’m sorry, Instagram.’

Kendra Sunderland2
Now that the joke went too far, her account has been deleted by Instagram

Following the Twitter claims that she got preferential treatment, the X-rated actress said she is targeted by the platform as she is a porn star. She tweeted,

"We all want the same freedom on social media and we all want the discrimination against sex workers to stop. But I hope that u find some sort of satisfaction or happiness to know that my account was disabled.”

“I’m also always blocked from posting on Tik Tok for stupid things other people get away with. These apps clearly target sex workers and I am not exempt. Still going to keep fighting tho for myself & for other sex workers, “she wrote.

Adam Mosseri 3
Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, has a happy family

However, Instagram has rubbished the allegation that Sunderland has any connection to the boss or any other executive at the company. They also denied that Sunderland was given preferential treatment after Internet users said they tried to report her content and were informed that it did not violate the rules of Instagram. Instagram also said that Sunderland’s content being allowed to stay on the platform was actually an omission.

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