Don't Stop Believing! Woman Won $60 Million Jackpot After 20 Years Trying With Numbers From Husband's Dream

Salena Harshini |Mar 01, 2021

After two decades, the Toronto woman became an overnight millionaire with her lucky ticket that comes from her husband's dream.

Deng Pravatoudom is a regular mother-of-two who resides in Canada. However, she is in fact not a regular one as she has been playing the lottery nonstop for the past two decades. And finally, her efforts were paid for her belief in something that seems extremely ambiguous.

The woman won lottery from husband's dream

Everything started from a dream of Pravatoudom’s dream. In 2000, he had a strange dream, which showed him an extremely series of numbers. Ever since, Deng had bought the lottery with exactly that number during 20 years.

Woman Won Lottery From Husbands Dream
She won a huge jackpot after two decades of trying.

Those who first heard of it would think she was chasing some kind of wildest dreams. However, it went against all doubts and turned into something unimaginable.

In December 2020, that dream came true. The number series in the man’s dream earned the family a reward that is worth $60 million. The sum was announced on Ontario lottery website in January.

For the unknown, Deng Pravatoudom lost her job because of the outbreak of the global pandemic. She was heading to the bank to pay for some bills with her husband.

When she was dealing with the papers, the husband started looking into the numbers. As she came back to the car, he immediately told her that she won $60 million. Imagine how flabbergasted and happy she was at that exact moment!

Woman Won Lottery From Husbands Dream 2
The woman won lottery from husband's dream and her abiding efforts are another level.

The woman won the lottery from husband's dream shared,

"I was ecstatically happy, I was crying at the same time. I couldn't believe it at first."

During an online celebration where Pravatoudom has bestowed the check, she also said she would buy a house and travel the world if it is allowed after the pandemic is over.

The dream that changes a life

Deng Pravatoudom emigrated from her country Laos to Canada along with her 14 siblings in 1980. During the past decades, she and her husband had to exert themselves into work to take care of their family.

She added,

"My family was sponsored by a local church and because we had nothing, I am thankful for the great support they provided us over the years." 

Woman Won Lottery From Husbands Dream 3
The bottom line is "Don't stop believing"!

The couple had worked for more than 40 years as general laborers and saved everything they could for the family. “Due to the pandemic I was laid off last spring, so this money will certainly help make our lives much easier."

After rewarding herself with some diamonds, Pravatoudom said her husband and she will pay off their every remaining bill and help their children. The children are also over the moon with their parents’ luck.

"They said, 'Mom and Dad you have worked so hard for 40 years and made many sacrifices, so you deserve this happiness.”

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