Valorant Download In India – How To Get It Free & What To Note For

Hanima Anand |Jun 22, 2020

Though Riot Games’ latest title hasn’t been made available in India yet, we still have ways to download Valorant for free by following these simple steps. Read more details below!

As we mentioned above, Valorant download officially hasn’t been made available in India. The publisher has just released Valorant Beta version for some regions in the world.

Even though we Indians are not lucky to stay in those areas, we can still manage to download Valorant game free by applying some tricks as follow.

Indian gamers have to wait a while for this 2020 hottest Riot Games title!  

How to download Valorant game in India?

To get Valorant download free in India, you should be aware that you can’t just find a link and download it. You must install a VPN to get access to the latest Riot Games product.

Though this method of downloading Valorant beta is not official, it proves effective for many users. Don’t worry, just try and you’ll succeed!

First, you have to download a VPN on the market. Some examples are NordVPN or Turbo.

Second, register a Riot Games account by using the VPN you have just installed. This allows you to connect to Europe or USA areas, hiding the fact that you are actually in India.

Next, sign up for a Twitch account with the same VPN. Then, connect your Riot Games and Twitch accounts with each other.

To get Valorant download, install VPN so you can connect to other regions.

The last step depends on your luck mostly. You will have to watch Valorant streams on Twitch to wait for a key drop. Choose streaming sessions with the title ‘FPS Drops Enabled’ to increase your chance.

Many streamers will get you a Valorant beta key to download the game legally.

Here’s the summary of what you need to get Valorant download Beta version in India!

  • Install VPN
  • Sign up Riot Games and Twitch accounts
  • Link the two accounts together
  • Watch ‘FPS Drops Enabled’ streams and wait for a key drop.
  • Download Valorant Beta with the given key

What is Valorant download size?

The foremost notice you have to pay attention to is Valorant download size. However, you don’t need to worry whether your PC has enough space or not because Valorant download size is only 8 GB. Some sources even say it's 3.6G, what?

Riot Games once said that they would do their best to ensure swift downloads for gamers, and the quickest way to do it was by minimizing the game download size.

Valorant system requirements

To get Valorant download smoothly without any obstacle, you have to meet these minimum Valorant system requirements on your gaming setup.

If affordable, you can adopt other optional Valorant system requirements to make sure you can enjoy the best experience while playing the game.

Component Minimum requirements Optional requirements
CPU Intel i3-370M Core i5-4460
OS Windows 7/8/10 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
VIDEO CARD Intel HD 3000 or higher GTX 1050 Ti
Valorant is currently the most popular name on Twitch in 2020.

Is Valorant free for all users?

Yes, the answer is Valorant is made free for all users by Riot Games. The game goes live so everyone can get access to it without codes.

So how can Riot Games make money from Valorant?

The publisher will earn profits by selling skins and cosmetic items. There is no up-front cost as before but you can pay money for better aesthetic values.

Valorant India release date

Though Valorant has been launched globally on June 2nd, Riot Games said Indian servers and some other countries will get this game later as they want the best experience for these potential markets.

As per latest announcements from Riot Games, Valorant India will be officially released by the end of 2020 but the exact date or month hasn’t been informed yet.

Riot Games said they want the best experience for Indians.

While waiting for the official version of Valorant India, servers in the country can connect to South Asian servers to experience Valorant beta game. Otherwise, you can apply above tricks to get Valorant download in India right away!

Good luck! Do come back Starbiz Sports & Games for more interesting posts!

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