Top 5 Dress Up Games With Modern Clothes To Turn Yourself A Fashionista

Hanima Anand |Nov 13, 2020

No matter who you are, having a good sense of fashion does wonder to your daily life, relationship and even career. It’s okay if you are not born with it, as here come top 5 dress up games with modern clothes for your practice!

Never before are games so relatable to our real world, from the settings to the characters. This not only serves entertainment purposes but also helps to train people in diverse tasks especially when they don’t have chances to access real resources. Understanding so, these dress up games with modern clothes offer players a variety of sophisticated fashion items from top brands in the world.

Dress Up Games With Modern Clothes 0
Get ready to shop at top-notch fashion brands with these dress up games!

Playing these are both relaxing and useful in improving your fashion taste. Check which games you should play and where you can download them below!

1. Covet Fashion

This is a free dress up game with modern clothes you can play offline on an Android mobile. It’s also among the most popular dress up games for girls at the moment.

Covet Fashion allows players to shop for clothes from a wide range of luxury brands in the real world, such as Calvin Klein or CAMI. That’s why you may easily find yourself engrossed in dressing up characters in this game because it’s so real.

Dress Up Games With Modern Clothes 1
The massive number of items available makes Covet Fashion the No.1 in dress-up games.

Another bonus that makes Covet Fashion stand out among all the dress up games with modern clothes is there are a lot of extra events in the game, namely fashion contests or voting for hottest trends, etc.

The only minus of this dress up game for girls is it may burn your real money if you are so eager about getting the items you want in the game. Free as it may seem, it charges a little when it comes to unique accessories to complete your barbie’s fashionable look.

Here’s the link to download Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game on Google Play.

2. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Are you a fan of Kim Kardashian? If yes, Glu is exactly the best dress up game for you!

Glu is developed based on the fashion style and life stories of famous Hollywood celebrities from the Kardashians family. You can dress up for Kim as well as her baby to prepare them for a showbiz event. You will also do some tasks related to their daily activities besides working as their personal stylist.

However, those falling for a more adorable fashion style may not be keen on this game due to Kim’s typical hourglass body and sexy sense of clothes.

Dress Up Games With Modern Clothes 2
Clothes in the game are based on real designs that Kim has worn.

In fact, you can choose more dress up games for girls from Glu which feature different stars. Other than Kim Kardashian, Glu have games on Kendall & Kylie, Nicky Minaj and Britney Spears as well.

Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood dress-up game here.

3. Shopping Mall Girl

To many girls, clothes or accessories are not what they truly want but the shopping experience itself. That’s why Shopping Mall Girl is listed among the top favorite dress up games with modern clothes for girls.

Dress Up Games With Modern Clothes 3
Satisfy your shopping mania with this mall town!

Basically, you see yourself as a girl in a town full of fashion shops. To play the game, you move around the stores to pick the dress you want and give it a try. Similarly, you can buy other fashion accessories while visiting different shops on the street.

Sometimes, the mall-like town also has some fashion contests for you to join. However, make sure you don’t consider it so seriously that you pay real money to buy stuff to compete with your rivals.

You can download Shopping Mall Girl on Google Play here.

4. Dress Up Games Free

Just as its name suggests, this is one of dress up games for girls you can play totally for free. The game design offers many sets of stunning items that resemble our real-life fashion shows. It also includes a variety of famous people, ranging from actresses, beauty queens, or supermodels to try your picked clothes.

Dress Up Games With Modern Clothes 4
Turn your barbie into a gorgeous princess with Dress Up Games Free collection!

One more thing that helps this dress up game with modern clothes to gain affection from its players is its diverse collection of attires for different occasions. Instead of seeing the same set every time you play, you can choose a particular category to fit that event in the game.

Here’s the link to download Dress Up Games Free on Google Play.

5. Anime Dress Up – Games For Girls

The last one in top dress up games with modern clothes calls out Anime Dress Up. Though you are supposed to dress up for anime characters, all the attires here are modern designs and very friendly to young kids or high school students.

Dress Up Games With Modern Clothes 5
In this game, anime characters wear modern clothes as real-life high school girls.

Cute, creative, and relaxing are what people use to describe this dress up game for girls. You have 5 anime characters to take care of. You can give your personal style to do their makeup or dressing. As they look adorable, this game is not recommended for fans of hi-fashion looks.

You can read reviews and download Anime Dress Up on Google Play.

Above are top 5 dress up games with modern clothes that we highly recommend for girls. These are not just tools to kill your free time but also apps to train your dressing skills. With a better sense of fashion, you can leave positive impressions on people surrounding.

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