Kajol, Aamir Khan To The Kapoor: Top 5 Ink-Spilled Feuds Of Bollywood Families

Aesha |Dec 03, 2019

Over the years, a lot of feuds in Bollywood families have made headlines. Check out 5 most ink-spilled fights that were the much-concerned topics of the audience.

Throughout the years, a lot of feuds in Bollywood families have made headlines and been the much-concerned topic of the audience. Here are a number of the top popular B-town family fights which were a shock to fans.

1. Sanjay Dutt and his sisters

Sanjay Dutt And Isters

The problem ignited when the sisters of Sanjay Dutt objected to the actor tying the knot with Maanyata Dutt. He did not tell them when the wedding was held and their ceremony took place privately. Namtara and Priya, the sisters, who had had his back through the hard stages of his life, felt resentful and even shared with the buzz that they had no idea about their brother’s wedding.

The fight kept on for a period but as time passes by, the conflict has gradually faded away and now the whole family is harmonious again.

2. Aamir Khan and his dad Tahir Hussain

Actor Aamir Khan did not get on well with his father. The two’s connection estranged after Tahir left Aamir’s mother and got married again with another woman.


Also, Tahir Hussain challenged the custody application of the actor for his younger brother Faisal. Tahir then won the case.

It has been known that before Tahir passed away in 2010, their relationship had actually improved.

3. Kajol and Rani Mukerji


The duo of cousins hasn’t been spotted side by side in public for a long while now. Kajol and Rani Mukerji were not close although they are related and there has never been a public fight between the two.

We never heard them talking about one another and up until now, they can be spotted at their family’s Durga Puja on interchanging days. Nevertheless, the reason why they don’t want to meet face to face still remains a mystery.

4. Amisha Patel and Her Parents

Amisha Patel And Her Parents

The Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai actress sued her father and mother because of financial mismanagement. She asserted that nearly INR 12 crores got botched. The event took place when Amisha was in a deep relationship with director Vikram Bhatt.

Her parents did not only disapprove of her romance but also felt that the filmmaker was triggered her to go against them. Amisha’s parents totally refused the allegations and the three of them did not talk to each other for years. However, the case was eventually resolved out of court.

5. Kapoor Family


It is widely known that no Kapoor girl was permitted to get involved in the movie industry. However, Babita Kapoor, one of the bahus, rebelled against the order of the family. Apparently, she stormed off the Kapoors and vowed that she would make her daughters become actresses.

Karisma and Kareena Kapoor then had their own breakthroughs and turned into the widely famous Bollywood stars. After Babita and Randhir got divorced, she stayed far away from the Kapoor’s rest. However, years went by and the feud cooled off and now the Kapoor family can be often seen gathering on special occasions and festivals.

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