Bollywood Actors Hobbies And How Passionate They Are About Them

Salena Harshini |Jan 20, 2020

From sports to artsy pursuit, these Bollywood actors hobbies and hidden talents may not have known by many. For more info, take a look at the list we have made here.

Talking about our Bollywood actors, we would often be reminded if the parts that they have played on the screens. However, sometimes we just forget that the folks also have regular hobbies and habits as we do. To sort out on the Bollywood actors hobbies and hidden talents, we have shortlisted them for you right here:

1. Amitabh Bachchan - Poetry

The star takes after his father Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s hobby and exceptional prowess when it regards writing poems. Amitabh Bachchan pens down his words whenever he has some spare time.

Amitabh Hobby

2. Kangana Ranaut - Cooking

Kangana Ranaut grew up in an ethnic Indian household and she got used to coking when she was very young. Even after becoming a grownup, she has never given up cooking. Kangana is even known to have cooked for her whole crew on the movie sets.

Kangana Ranaut Hobby

3. Hrithik Roshan - Photography

The Greek God is photogenic and also absolutely photographic! In a talk with a daily, Hrithik Roshan had got candid on his burning passion for photography. The stars often posts his snaps with his fans on his Instagram account.
Hrithik Roshan Photography

4. Salman Khan - Painting

The Bhai of Bollywood is fond of spending his free time painting.  likes to spend his spare time painting. Salman often gifts his pieces of art to co-actors as well as exhibits his work.

Salman Painting

5. Alia Bhatt – Sketching

The Raazi actress is of the millennial generation, hence, like any other millennial, she has numerous hobbies. Among those, she is most fond of singing and charcoal sketching.

Alia Bhatt Painting

6. Aamir Khan - Drumming

Yes, the unique actor is a drum lover. Aamir Khan is said to space out when he plays drum and he would do everything in order to slot time in for his hobby.

Aamir Drumming

7. Randeep Hooda - Horse Riding

The actor really has a thing for everything equestrian. Randeep has quite a liking for riding the horses and sports regarding riding. He has also bagged a lot of medals at a variety of events.

Randeep Hooda Horse Riding

8. Vidya Balan - Poetry

Vidya Balan and Big B share a common affinity as they both love poetry. Although she has never shared her work with the public, it is known that she often shows it for her family and friends when they come to visit her. Some sources said that Vidya is an extremely thoughtful poet.

Vidya Balan Poetry

9. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja - Shopping

That Sonam is in love with shopping comes as no surprise! She didn’t become Bollywood’s fashionista without being passionate about shopping.


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10. Dia Mirza - Pottery

Dia Mirza was first introduced to pottery on the preparation for her part in Alibaug (2011). Although the film never went out in public, she was so absorbed in the hobby that Dia is still doing it after so many years.

Dia Mirza Pottery
source: Tree Ganesha

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