Top 5 Indian Fashion Bloggers On Instagram That You Should Follow ASAP!

Salena Harshini |Jan 17, 2020

Looking for the best advice for your sartorial choices? Have a look at these 5 Indian fashion bloggers on Instagram who serve major fashion goals.

Times are like landscapes, they keep shifting. Now, food can be bought online, makeup and fashion are also online to be purchased. However, we can’t have all the time to see the whole collections or perhaps scan through some fashion magazines for the latest trends. Well, Instagram has come to the rescue! Take a look at top 5 Indian fashion bloggers on Instagram who will certainly keep you updated about everything that’s cooking in the sartorial world.

Komal Pandey


The cute blogger can be little in her frame and height, but Komal Pandey is big on the Internet as she has a number of 786K followers. Her fashion sense is distinct yet very catchy.

The influencer can take you in a ride as she can make every unconventional outfit look chic by putting them together in a combination. For those who have not kept up with Pandey, jus do it now!

Check out her Instagram at @komalpandeyofficial

Diipa Khosla


The global Indian style blogger who is based in London and Amsterdam has brought exhilarating and new goals for every fashionista. Diipa Khosla’s classy aesthetic is displayed in a beautiful and fashionable way on her blogs and she surely inspires by serving major fashion goals.

The majority of her clothes are authentic and wearable. Especially since the day she mixed global elements in her wardrobe, we are given a lot of brilliant content.

Check out her Instagram at @diipakhosla

Santoshi Shetty


The lady is absolutely pretty, bold, and stands as the quintessence of edgy style. Santoshi Shetty is renowned as an unexpecting individual with her sartorial choices.

From casuals to formals, Shetty holds her ground on practically anything and that is interesting and fresh. Madonna said, “Go big or go home” and Shetty surely went big!

Check out her Instagram at @santoshishetty

Sejal Kumar


As an amazing fashion blogger and ace Youtuber, Sejal Kumar has stolen lots of hearts and totally nailed the art of setting trends with her uber-cool and quirky clothes choices.

Also, she founded her own clothing brand named StalkBuyLove. So, even if she’s not influencing you with her sartorial picks, Kumar is probably selling those to you.

Check out her Instagram at @sejalkumar1195 

Juhi Godambe


The gorgeous founder of Arabella and also a brilliant blogger has collected 333K followers on her Instagram. She is all about sassy and classy.

Her fashion will add a touch of color and many, many dramas to your wardrobe! Juhi Godambe also shows you the way to experiment and also to ace even the most eccentric looks. She is the one blogger who you would want to give a look!

Check out her Instagram at @juhigodambe


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