Kim Taehyung And Irene: Dating Rumors Of Two Top K-Pop Stars Raise Questions Among Fans

Salena Harshini |Dec 30, 2020

V (BTS) and Irene (Red Velvet) are among the alleged couples who have the most shippers in the South Korean music industry. What is the truth to their relationship?

K-pop is expanding its territory and influence all over the world. Among the popular groups that enjoy a mammoth number of fans, BTS and Red Velvet may be the most famous ones at the moment. Because of this, many fans just choose to believe what they want to believe, including the alleged relationship of V aka Kim Taehyung and Irene – the most looking members of the two groups.

V And Irene
Kim Taehyung and Irene have been among the most shipped couples in K-town for the longest time ever

What is the truth to these allegations? Who are they that attract so many talks in the town? We will have you enlightened right now.

Kim Taehyung and Irene dating rumors

Irene (1991) is the leader as well as the visual of the South Korean girl group Red Velvet. They are known for songs like Psycho, Russian Roulette, Peek-a-boo, among others.

Meanwhile, Kim Taehyung, or V (1995), is from BTS – the boy group who has emerged as the top famous artists over the last few years. For those who have not known, fans have “shipped” the two of them since 4 to 5 years ago.

V is from BTS, the most famous K-pop boyband for now

Many Youtube accounts have posted their own analysis of Kim Taehyung and Irene moments and reactions. And these videos garner hundreds of thousands to millions of views. This proves how many adorers are curious about or root for “VRene”.

Multiple reports about something romantic between the idols also circulated online. While fans seem to have got tired of edited photos, they have even posted the theory via the two groups’ songs. This is one of the most controversial arguments lately when it comes to the connection between Irene and V.

Irene is known as a member of Red Velvet, with an irresistible beauty that many idols dream of

According to the blog’s writer, she stated that the two were definitely dating. They even hinted at their romance through the lyrics of Boy With Luv and Psycho. Some discussions have been brought forward to prove the “deeper meaning” of their parts in their respective tracks.

In detail, the lyrics crooned by V from BTS is translated as “Your beautiful photos, I always keep them under the soft pillow ~ oh bae”. Meanwhile, Irene sang an English part: “I’m originally visual”.

V Irene

According to the conspiracy theory of the fan, “bae” implies Irene as her real name is Joo Hyun Bae, while the “vi” in “visual” actually means “V” and “I” which are their name’s initials. Also, “sual” means healing in Korean. The writer pertained that V was actually alluding that he wants to keep all pictures of Irene.

The truth to Kim Taehyung and Irene rumors

That sounds about right, but a lot of Korean netizens have said that this is the most ridiculous claim they have ever read. Many requested the writer to stop hallucinating as there is no correlation between these lyrics.

Moreover, both of the idols did not participate in composing or producing these songs. That means this claim is even more unreliable.

V Iremr
Many photoshopped photos pf the two are spread online, this is one example

Some comments from the netizens have collected a lot of likes from others.

“Hilarious. If this is proof to dating rumors then K-pop would have discovered hundreds of other couples.”

“In Cypher Pt. 4, RM sang “bae” for 18 times. Does that mean he is also dating Irene?”

However, Kim Taehyung and Irene seem to be only colleagues

It is a known fact that Kim Taehyung and Irene are shipped for their immaculate visuals that stand out among the town. Fans also pay attention to their every move at music awards and speculate what they would want to happen. Despite all that, many still believed that they are merely colleagues and there is nothing romantic going on.

About Kim Taehyung

The famous male idol, born on December 30, 1995, has recently turned 25. He made history as the first Korean pop star to appear on Burj Khalifa. Among the seven members of BTS, V seems to enjoy the largest number of fans.

And for the power of his loyal ARMY, the world’s tallest building has showcased a message fans want to send to V on his birthday. Apart from the LED display, the music fountain also played his solo track Winter bear which raised cheers and hoots from fans.

No wonder why ARMY is the most powerful fandom in the world at the moment. The support for their idols also goes beyond the existing limits for fans and artists.

For the unknown, the video that played on the tower was also live-streamed so fans from other continents could also join and watch the extra display. It did not just have a video of Kim Taehyung’s best moments but also a compilation of his roles as a dancer, singer, producer, and actor.


In addition, V’s fans also chose to wish him a special birthday message by booking a billboard on New York City’s Times Square. Considering how many fans he has, the real dating news of Kim Taehyung would make a huge storm.

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