Small But Breathtakingly Sexy, How Jennie BLACKPINK Rules South Korean Fashion Industry

Leela Adwani |Jun 18, 2020

K-Pop fans have been obsessed with Jennie who debuted as the lead rapper of BLACKPINK. Check out her sexy pictures!

It goes without saying that the third generation of K-Pop has the most talented groups. Along with BTS, BLACKPINK is the only girl group that made it big in the international music industry. The group has four beautiful singers including Jennie, Rose, Jisoo, and Lisa. Among them, K-Pop fans have been obsessed with Jennie who debuted as the lead rapper of BLACKPINK.

Jennie Blackpink Ft
She is touted as the new sexy icon of South Korean entertainment industry
Jennie Blackpink
Wearing backless dresses is her cup of tea

Jennie BLACKPINK's style

Since her debut in the year 2016, she has been skyrocketing to fame. With a high-end fashion sense, the singer is now the brand ambassador of Chanel Korea and glasses brand Gentle Monster. Her seductive eyes, jaw-dropping dance moves, and perfect vocals are just some of the reasons why she is the first one in the group to make a solo debut.

Jennie Blackpink 2
Her stage outfit is uber-sexy

Being one of the rising stars in the South Korean entertainment industry, Jennie’s road to stardom was not that breezy. She started her singing career at the age of 14 and remained as a trainee for six years in YG Entertainment which is one of the entertainment moguls in Korea. Perhaps Jennie BLACKPINK set the ultimate example for “you get what you pay for”. She is currently reaching the pinnacle of her career. Every new single of the group became chartbusters in both South Korea and America.

Jennie Blackpink 3
Red dress works best on her
Jennie Blackpink 4
Pictures from her beach vacation

However, what makes everyone go weak at their knees is hands down her sexy fashion style. In fact, the 1996 born star has had an amazing fashion makeover. She transformed from an innocent and cute style to a super bold, sexy, and seductive one.

Jennie Blackpink 6
Her style is fancy and sexy at the same time
Jennie Blackpink 7
She is also a fan of the scarf tube top fashion trend

It’s not wrong to say fans are always stunned with the choice of outfits of Jennie Kim. Yes, along with a powerful vocal, skillful rapping ability, her sexiness is something that sets the concert on fire. Many said that we should get ready to leave us breathless after looking at her sexy outfits.

Jennie BLACKPINK was also a front-row celebrity guess at the Chanel spring/summer 19 show taking place in Paris. Donning a simple outfit but the 24-year-old vocalist stole all the spotlights.

Speaking of her fashion sense, she always knows how to stand out when putting a twist into her one-color ensemble. Putting on a sexy black leather dress, the singer opted for a matching bracelet. The pictures got more than 1.5 million.

Jennie Blackpink 8
She is the face of many international brands

Jennie BLACKPINK has a body to die for and so does her fashion style. She, of course, becomes the role model of the millennials. The singer always knows to make her stand out in the crowd, be it on the stage, on the street, or even star-studded events.

However, rumors are still doing the rounds that Ms. Kim is too biased to get the best outfits in her group. In fact, BLACKPINK is one of a few K-pop group which has no leader and all members also have equal singing and dancing abilities. Set their talent aside, their appearances are also considered “masterpieces” of the industry. They have a perfect body ratio and especially charismatic choice of fashion.

Jennie Blackpink 9
One of them is Jentle Monster

In fact, fans also notice that Jennie usually has more luxurious, beautiful, and expensive outfits on every stage. Speculations from the netizens are rife that Jennie Kim is the princess of YG Entertainment.

In an interview, BLACKPINK’s stylist who knows a lot about the preference of each member explained the reason behind her choice of outfit for all of them.  As she said that every girl in group has their own highlight when it comes to personal style and that also what makes them stand out.

Talking about Jennie BLACKPINK, the stylist said she is a perfect girl who is touted as the fashion queen of the new generation in the entertainment industry in South Korea. Her body is small but extremely sexy while her beauty is unique, therefore her style is a combination of “cute and sexy.”

Jennie Blackpink 10
She always knows how to make heads turn

High-end fashion icon of KPOP

When it comes to the public image, Jennie BLACKPINK was named “Human Gucci” or “Human Chanel.” The fact is that her portfolio of styles ranges from Saint Laurent, Gucci to Richard Quinn, Marine Serre. The little girl is also known to have a tremendous selling power that always her contemporaries a good run for their money. Every picture on her social media handles takes no time to make headlines and any items she shows, of course, become a trend.

Even though Jennie has established her image as a chic and strong woman on stage and that is impossible to approach, when the singer comes down from the stage, she is a cute, charming, and friendly 24-year-old girl.

The sexy fashion sense of Jennie BLACKPINK has always been the talk of the town. Hope you have some quality time with the sexy and seductive pictures of the lead rapper and singer that we have compiled.

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