"3 Idiots" Movie Download - A Classic Ode To The Youth With Passion And Dreams

Salena Harshini |May 07, 2020

"3 Idiots" delivers huge comic relief and inspiring life lessons for every young person out there. The Aamir Khan starter is now available for download, check out!

Released in 2009, it has been more than a decade yet the 3 Idiots movie still hasn’t stopped proving its influence on the young generation. People have this saying that the time being a student is the most memorable and beautiful period of one’s life. If you have passed this stage in your life and want to relive those memories so badly, 3 Idiots is the perfect choice for you. We have found the 3 Idiots movie download so you can have the best experience watching this film.

3 Idiots movie download
3 Idiots movie download is available here for you!

Hindi language movie 3 Idiots is the combination of many film genres such as drama, comedy, romance, and more.

Set at the Imperial College of Engineering (ICE) in Delhi, the film centers around the journey of three best friends who formed a close friendship ever since they are admitted to the school.

The trio includes Farhan (R. Madhavan) – the selfless idiot who loves photography but has to study engineering to his father’s wish; Raju (Sharman Joshi) – one who has to study with the aspiration to help his family overcome poverty. And Rancho (Aamir Khan) – the smart, talented, and most carefree among the three. Different from his two fellows, what drives Rancho to ICE is his passion for machines and he studies with all the zeal from his heart.

3 Idiots movie download 1
The film stars Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, the best stars of Bollywood

Why is 3 Idiots so appealing to cine-lovers although it is three hours long and not an effect-loaded action movie?

Watching 3 Idiots, the audience can live in the world of youth, passion, ambition.. alongside the friends that anyone would want to have by their side.

3 Idiots will portray the time of golden memories of everyone. In every minute of the film, we feel like we were in the past, the days we had to leave our family to go to school, live in the dorm, collect small coins to pay for tuition... and a series of other memorable stories.

Not only revolving around friendships, but the film is also a romantic love song, emotional story about family affection, and student-teacher relationship.

Throughout the nearly 3 hours of the flick, there are countless lessons about righteousness, especially when the film harshly condemns two outstanding today issues: the problem of learning only to get points and the parents orienting the career for their children in an over-extreme way that makes them unable choose their own future.

3 Idiots movie download 2
This movie remains the best comedy and one of the biggest Indian hits internationally

"3 idiots" is a very tightly structured film with many expensive details, intertwined from start to end, making the film complete and leaving a lot of aftertastes.

The film is quite long so it has enough time for small details, mentioning the living conditions and personalities of the characters while creating a portrait of a very real society of India, as well as anywhere in the world.

Perhaps anyone who sees the film can come across their own image in the film, in the school environment that the characters go through, or in the context of each family.

3 Idiots is a very ingenious film, why would one say that? They have the cleverness from incorporating amusing details in a very charming way, the skill in building the character’ back story while also keeping the humorous details from going too far. Most notably, the film cleverly approached an extremely dark problem, namely suicide due to academic pressure but did not lose its rhythms and brightness.

A confident and carefree Rancho who learns for his passion, not for a degree; a Farhan who studied mechanics but cultivated a strong fascination for photography that, according to Rancho, said he loved photography but got married to engineering; a Raju who only because of the burden on his shoulders that cannot settle down to study, a pessimistic person when forced to choose between family and friends, has chosen the most extreme solution is suicide. And many other characters will give you thoughts and life lessons.

3 Idiots movie download also did extremely well in building the character, perfectly and honestly depicting the story of each person. Also, this must be the only movie whose scene two characters take off their pants can make viewers shed tears. The movie has integrated humor with heartwarming stories which is absolutely amazing.

Surely the only minus point of the 3 Idiots full movie is that nearly the first half of the movie has quite a bit of cheesy musical scenes, and there are some scenes that might be too much for some viewers but to be honest, who can forget the scene where a young man casually sang while using the emergency fire hose to bathe when the water in the dorm was cut down?

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More than a decade and the film is still a classic favorite of the viewers

3 Idiots is a special movie not only with Indians but also myriads of people around the world. It has arisen as one of the filmography specialties of India whenever people mention Bollywood and Indian cinema.

Here are some of the many meaningful quotes taken from the film that have inspired lots of human being out there:

"There was knowledge everywhere. Go get it from anywhere you can." - Rancho.

"I have learned to stand up on my feet after having broken both my legs." - Raju

"We learned something about human behavior that day. If your friend fails, you feel bad. But if your friend comes in first, you feel worse." - Farhan.

"But you be whatever your heart tells you to. And if he scares you too much. Keep a hand over your heart and say, "AAL IZZ WELL!" - Rancho.

"Children, achieve excellence. Because then success will chase you!" - Rancho.

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