Zodiac Signs Ranking From Most Introverted To Most Extroverted (Part 3)

Bindhiya Nhi |Aug 20, 2019

Some are social butterflies, while others talk less. Here's the rank of 12 zodiac signs from the most introverted to the most extroverted.

It is easy to spot extroverts because they plunge into the external world, feeling better when meeting other people and bounce their ideas around. However, introverts hate being in large groups. They talk less, enjoy complete solitude, and focus on their inner thoughts and feelings.

Astrology is even responsible for our social behavior. While one-half of the 12 zodiac signs are super outgoing, the other half tends to be shy.

Read on to find out where you are on the scale of the most introverted to the most extroverted, based on your zodiac sign.

9. Gemini

Extrovert 2

Being a Gemini means that duality dwells deep in their cells. They are extroverts, but sometimes they act like introverts. They show up early at a lavish and loud party and refuse to leave until the end.

Several days later, they prefer tucking under a blanket at home before partying hard again next week. This sign is not shy and introverted; maybe they need to recharge their energy.

10. Sagittarius

Extrovert 5

Sagittarius is known as the most enthusiastic sign of the zodiac. They always crave for new experiences, believing that there are many things to explore in this big colorful world.

One will find that these people are rarely on their own. From popping into a local bar or going on an unexpected trip, they want to hang out with friends.

A few Sagittarius people might be shy, but the majority of them are busy hosting parties and planning holidays, so the fun never ends.

11. Leo

Extrovert 4

We all know that Leo lives the life of the party. Being outgoing and friendly, these people love to be surrounded by their pals and hate being indoors. They are simply the natural leader of the pack.

Leo is the soul of a party, and their absence would be a significant loss to any fun event. It will be tough for these people to pause a moment in their lives. They keep on moving and make sure that the spotlight is always on them.

12. Aries

Untitled 1

Aries is known for being passionate and energetic about almost anything. Their strong personalities make them accessible in life, helping them to steal the limelight in anywhere they appear.

These people are so good at making friends. A party is not the same without them, and even the introverts will never want to go home when hanging out with these naturally confident people.

If there is one sign of being the extrovert icon of the zodiac, Aries would be a perfect choice.


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