Your Love Will Surely Have A Bad Ending If Your Date Has These Crazy Traits

Kimmy Karima |Oct 07, 2019

Some people should not be in a relationship with anybody, because they have some abnormal characteristics that can ruin even the deepest love. So if your lover has some of the traits below, don't expect a happy ending.

Many people are crazy in love. But when you're in love with a crazy person, you should really reconsider your relationship. Love may be blind, but you should be sane.

Keep your eyes open for these traits of your date. They are the signs that say you should stay away from that person unless you want to go down the painful road of a nerve-racking love.

Your date goes too fast

Think carefully before you agree to commit.

It’s strange if someone wants a wedding when just meeting you for the first, or second time. Don’t be proud and think that you make someone feel that connected to you.

Chances are they don't process their thoughts and feelings the right way. Remember that no one can come to such a big decision that quickly. So, think carefully before you agree to commit.

Your date has a lot of financial problems, always

It’s risky to be with someone who’s always in debt.

Those who can’t manage their money shouldn’t have a partner, yet. If your date is always in financial trouble, that is the person everyone wants to avoid. You should too, certainly.

Maybe he/she is very bad at handling money or has some personality issues that make him/her unable to control anything in life.

Your date is unkind

You’d better off alone than being with someone unkind and cold.

Some people are not crazy, but just unkind. However, if your date is too indifferent towards everyone and everything, and even cruel, physically or emotionally, that person may be even beyond crazy! How can you live with someone who is that terribly cold? So cold that can make you shudder?

Your date never keeps his/her words

Those who can’t keep a promise can’t keep anything.

If your date doesn’t have a good definition of the word “promise”, it’s you who will soon go crazy. Every word they say can be changed at any moment. And it happens so often, that you don’t even want to make any plans anymore. If your date can’t keep a promise, how can he/she keep a relationship?

Your date is obsessed

Innumerable questions from an obsessed lover could drive you insane.

Obsession here may mean that your date is over-possessive, over-controlling or over-demanding. He/she needs to be updated with what you’re doing and where you’re doing every minute of the day. You’ll feel like you’re a prisoner and your beloved is the guard. Poor you!

Your date is the permanent liar

Those who lie constantly may have a personality disorder.

No normal people lie constantly about everything. So if your date always says something untrue, he/she may have some mental issues that are more complicated than just dishonesty. How can you trust someone who doesn’t see the differences between truth and untruth?

Your date needs attention, all the time

Only a baby needs attention all the time.

Those who seek attention are usually insecure and may have some problems in seeing their own self-worth. But if they need too much attention, to the point that they try to attract other people and make you envious, it’s an indication that their minds are messed up. And yours will be too if you keep staying near. Sad, but true.

Your date has a wild imagination, just too wild

Sceptics have many crazy behaviours.

The sceptic is an understatement to describe your date. In fact, he/she suspect everything and everyone, especially you. This type is similar to the obsessed people but even holds you responsible for the things you never do. They seem unable to distinguish between fact and fiction. Have you felt suffocated yet?

Your date is violent

Say no to any kinds of violence.

Any kinds of abusiveness, like offending (you or your loved ones), threatening, attacking etc., are unacceptable. That’s not only crazy but also illegal. If your date repeats these types of behaviours even after showing regrets a lot of time, it also reveals that he/she is out of control and is someone you should never get involved with.


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