Top 5 Valentine’s Day 2021 Ideas For Either A Long-Distance Or A Quarantine Date

Hanima Anand |Feb 08, 2021

Never before has the concept of an online date been embraced as in this year. Drop by to see top 5 unique Valentine’s Day 2021 ideas for a romantic celebration together!

When the world is struggling to put the pandemic under control, every couple is highly encouraged to ‘stay home, stay safe.’ This means there will be no longer restaurant dinners or romantic night out. Don’t you worry, as here are 10 ways you and your partner could celebrate a passionate Valentine’s Day 2021 together, no matter where you are!

1/5 | Take matching photos in matching outfits

Couple In Matching Outfits
Together with your other half forms a couple!

Sound exciting enough? You and your beau can order cute matching pajamas or couple outfits to wear at your places. Then, pose the same way with similar objects or scenes to get adorable matching pictures. This not only helps to bond you two while you are not physically together but also serves as a public statement for your relationship when you upload the pic on social media.

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2/5 | Relive your first date

Relive Your First Date
Make use of lights and cushion to have a romantic night in!

Even when you can’t go out for a date, you can still relive the very first moments you hang out with each other. If you are staying at the same place, try to recreate your first date with simple objects in the house. For example, you can set up the table like your first dinner or watch the same movie you two watched in that special day.

In case you can’t reunite with your lover, design a quiz on your first date while decorating your wall with photos that remind the other of that day. Ask each other questions related to the menu you had, or the first impression he or she had about you. You could do the same with any date that is memorable to both of you.

3/5 | Stream a romantic movie or show together

Couple Watching Movies Together
Cliché as it is, watching romantic movies is still one of the best idea for a Valentine's date.

With the aid of technology, now people can recreate lots of real-life atmosphere, such as going to the cinema together by playing the same video online. You can refer to Netflix’s Party feature or Messenger’s Watch Together to enjoy the same movie or show simultaneously.

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4/5 | Plan your Facetime date

Valentine Date On Facetime
A Facetime date could do much more than you think.

Never underestimate a Facetime date, that’s our advice. Instead of cooking his or her favorite meals as usual, now you should make a list of what to do during your virtual date to maintain his or her attention. Set up an impressive background in front of your camera as your partner would love to be surprised. Last but not least, you can evoke lots of emotions through Facetime calls if you know how.

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5/5 | Send him or her a surprise gift

Surprise Valentine Gift
What about a package of surprise gifts for all senses?

Whether you are staying in the same roof or not, sending the other half a surprise Valentine’s gift is never old-fashioned. It could be some handmade crafts or simply a present you purchase online, make sure you get it delivered on time.

Don’t forget to prepare him or her a Valentine’s card. In our opinion, the easiest but most effective card is a romantic video message when you say something intimate and express how you love him or her directly.

Above are 5 Valentine's Day 2021 ideas we highly recommend for a safe celebration amid the pandemic. Finally, we wish you a happy Valentine's season with your beloved people!

Valentines Day 2021 Ideas
Happy Valentine's week 2021!

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