Women's Day Games For Ladies: 10 Icebreaker Games For The Celebration

Salena Harshini |Mar 04, 2020

On the upcoming occasion of Women's Day celebration, take tips from our game recommendation for a good time with the ladies you love.

International Women’s Day is only 4 days away and we have rounded up a list a simple yet fun activities that the ladies can enjoy on this special occasion. Check out the Women's Day games for ladies ideas for you to have a good time with your girlfriend, wife, mom or female colleagues

1. Have You Ever

This is a fun game where participants have to answer questions with “yes” or “no”. The questions can go up to any desired number, 20 or 30, it’s up to your choice.

The time limit is two minutes with each “yes” earning 10 marks and each “no” earning 5 marks. The person with maximum points wins.

Have You Ever Women's Day Games For Ladies
"Have You Ever" is a famous game worldwide

The questions can be:

  • Have you ever gone to a nude beach?
  • Have you ever kissed somebody by mistake?
  • Have you ever been suspended from school?

2. Purse Scavenger Hunt

Divide the ladies into groups of 5 to 6 people. Make a list of common things that ladies usually have in their purse. They have to seek those things in their purse and put them aside.

The list can include red lipstick, nail polish, a book, grocery bill, some safety pins, movie tickets, a nail cutter, dental floss and more.

The time limit for this is 1 minute. The group has the most items as listed in the list wins.

Scarvenger Women's Day Games For Ladies
Purse Scavenger Hunt

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3. Guess Handbag Items

Put some things in a handbag such as a biscuit pack, earbuds, a small hand mirror, earrings, necklace, toothpick, a small potato chips pack, etc.

All the lasses will sit in a circle and have the handbag passed to each.  They are allowed to put their hand in the handbags for 10 seconds and feel the items.

After that has been done, everyone will be given a paper and pen to write the things they guess to be present in the handbag. The winner will be one who has written the biggest number of right items.

4. Movie Name Game

This is a simple game but requires a quick and broad mind. Give pens and paper to the ladies and they will write out as many as possible the films names of particular pairs such as Kajol - Shahrukh Khan, Nargis - Raj Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor – Varun Dhawan, etc.

Movie Women's Day Games For Ladies
Movie Name Game

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5. Cosmetics Brand Game

Most of the ladies are known as a cosmetics expert and this game can be one where they can flaunt their knowledge of makeup bits.

In one minute, they will have to write down on a board or paper maximum Cosmetics line names like Revlon, Channel, Lakme, Avon, and more.

Women's Day Games For Ladies
Guess the cosmetics brands!

6. Score Your Style

This women's day games for ladies lasts one minute. The players have to score themselves with their ornaments and dresses. This is the list of things for the points scoring:

  • 5 marks if the hair is tied and 2 marks if not tied
  • 5 marks if the dress is red, pink and green and 2 marks for other colors
  • 5 marks for long earrings and 2 marks for small earrings
  • 5 marks for donning a nose pin and 2 marks for not donning a nose pin
  • 5 marks for nail paint which matches the outfit and 2 marks if it doesn’t
Best Dress Women's Day Games For Ladies
Score your style is a fun one among the Women's Day games for ladies
  • 5 marks for having toe rings and 2 for who does not
  • 5 marks for wearing glass bangles that match and 2 marks for other bangles
  • 5 marks to everybody who is wearing the same lipstick that they have used in their purse
  • 5 marks to ladies who are donning pearls either rings, bangles or earrings
  • 5 marks for having a golden watch right there and 2 marks for not
  • 5 marks for ladies in sari and 2 for ladies who are donning other attires

You can come up with more ideas. Who has the highest score wins.

7. Song Writing Game

The ladies will be equipped with paper and pen and they will have to write as many tracks they can remember that starts with the given words.

Women's Day Games For Ladies 1
Song Writing Game

For example,  with “Pyar”, there will be songs like – Pyar Mein Kabhi Kahbi, Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua… etc. Who have the most songs wins.

8. Alphabetical Talk

Among the women's day games for ladies, this is also a fun one. The players will have to talk in an alphabetical way. This game can be played with adults as well as kids.

The participants will sit in a circle and everyone has to speak alphabetically.

Anyone can begin with a sentence starts with letter A, like “Armie Hammer is a handsome man.”

Alphabet Women's Day Games For Ladies
Talk alphabetically

The next players will say things that start with the next letter in the alphabet. For instance, letter B – Brooklyn Nine-Nine is amazing, letter C – Calvin Harris rocks, letter D – Disha Patani has the best body and then keeps on until you come back to letter A.

The player who takes more than 10 seconds to come up with a sentence is OUT.

Reminder: No one can repeat the said sentence.

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9. Playing With Food Grains

This women day games for ladies idea used food grains. For the preparation of the activity, there will be whole food grains like moong dal, urad dal, moth dal, dry peas, nutri nuggets, raita boondi, white channa and more you can think of.

Grainss Women's Day Games For Ladies

Put each item in a bag. One by one, ladies will put their hands in the bags, guess those items by touching them and write the things on the paper they get.

Once having written its name, the item’s name can’t be changed.

The spelling mistake will decrease one mark and 1 minute is the time limit.

10. Drawing On Balloon

The 10th game in our list of women's day games for ladies is to draw on the balloon, with a BALLPOINT PEN.

Each participant will be given a balloon and a ballpoint pen. The balloon will be blown as large as possible and the ladies will draw as many people, or animals, as possible on them with that pen.

Balloon Women's Day Games For Ladies
Drawing on the balloon can be fun and terrifying at the same time

Only the complete figures are counted. In detail, the figure must have two eyes, a face, a nose, lips, eyes, feet, and hands.

One minute is the time limit for this game. And, beware of some loud noise as some participants will have their balloons popped while drawing!

So, for a fun occasion of International Women’s Day, take cues from our recommendations for Women's Day games for ladies and enjoy one of the most fun times in the time being.

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