"Like Mom, Like Daughter" - Starbiz Contest To Welcome International Women's Day 2020

Salena Harshini |Feb 29, 2020

As International Women’s Day is coming up close, Starbiz launches Like Mom Like Daughter contest to spread love to all women in our community. Read on!

International Women’s Day is the occasion to honor women all over the world and is also an opportunity for us to express gratitude towards the ladies who have a great impact on our life. On this day, we are sure that not only men but also women will want to show their adoration to their mother.

As it is known, images play a powerful role in breaking bias and delivering meaningful messages. This year, Starbiz teamed up with International Women's Day and put the call out for engaging, exciting images, video, painting or any visual product that portrays mothers in real and diverse ways.

Images that draw emotions, break conventions or images that nurture and inspire – every snapshot is welcomed in our Like Mom, Like Daughter contest.

Scroll down to check out the official rules, time and awards for the contest:

Like Mom, Like Daughter!

Spread Love with Starbiz.com

Do you ever say Thank you to your Mom for meals she’s prepared wholeheartedly?
Did you take enough photos with your Mom to save the best memory before it’s too late?

Join Starbiz this week to spread love for devoted women who are taking care of their family heart and soul! Express your love to make this 8th March truly for your wonder women!

Why to join:

* Rs. 7000 cash Prize for Winner
* Rs. 3500 cash Prize for Runner-up
* Rs. 2000 cash Prize for Complimentary
* Rs. 3500 cash Prize for Starbiz’s favorite
The special gift voted by Starbiz team will be given to post with meaningful caption and quality product.


When to join and vote:

From 00:00 March 2nd to 12:00 (p.m) March 9th.

The result will be collected and then announced later that evening.

How to join?

1. Like fanpage Starbiz.com
2. Join group We are Indians at https://www.facebook.com/groups/weareindianss
2. Post a photo/ video/ painting or any visual product about your mom in the group and Tell how you love Mom with meaningful Caption or Story.
Spread Love with Starbiz.com
[Your caption or story]
Hashtags: #Starbiz, #LikeMomLikeDaughter, #SpreadLovewithStarbiz
4. Tag at least 5 friends in the comment section to drum up their support
5. Share the post to your Facebook account in Public mode.


What to aim at?

Prizes are given to posts earning highest scores, in which:
1 Like = 1 point; 1 Share = 2 points
Don't hesitate to call for your friends' support to earn more scores.
Meanwhile, time of published post will be considered if two posts gain equal points. The earlier, the better!



✔ Contestant's post belongs to the registered account holder; any dispute over ownership or copyright of the product posted is the sole responsibility of the contestant.
✔ The Organizing Committee is not responsible in case of technical errors caused by Facebook.
✔ Any contestant who has a fraudulent act or participates in irregularities will be immediately eliminated. The Organizing Committee can disqualify any suspected account without notice.
✔ The final decision of the result belongs to the Organizing Committee.


We are looking forward to your most beautiful clicks! Let’s all make Women’s Day this year a great one with Like Mom Like Daughter. Always Spread Love with Starbiz.com!

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