Want Faster Wifi Connection For Work From Home? Don't Use Microwave Oven!

Salena Harshini |Mar 25, 2020

And it is only one of the lesser-known tips to have stronger wifi signal during these lockdown days. Read on for more useful tips!

As offices, schools and factories in many corners of the world have closed to prevent the coronavirus spread and people are staying at home, the Internet usage is consequently surging. People either need to log on to work from home or keep themselves amused during this time of lockdown.

With the 20% increase in internet usage, it has created some pressure on the broadband providers.

Work Wifi Connection
Wifi connection is having a strain on the surge in users amid coronavirus pandemic

In order to keep speeds up, Telecommunications companies (including Ofcom) has rounded up a compilation of tips to make the most of the Internet.

This information campaign is supported by the telecoms industry and government.

“Don't use the microwave”

The advice varies from the obvious like better to download movies in advance than streaming online when other people may be trying to make a vid call, to what is less expected.

Microwave ovens are said to lessen wifi signals. Experts are recommending people not to utilize microwaves while watching HD quality footages, making video calls or doing anything important online.

Oven Wifi Connection
Microwave ovens are said to reduce wifi connection

Hence, it is better to position the internet router from other devices which may monkey around the signal as far a possible.

These devices include baby monitors, cordless phones, halogen lamps, computer and stereos speakers, dimmer switches, TVs and monitors.

Making calls on a landline is also recommended as there is a surge in mobile network demand.

Skype Wifi Connection
Skype, Facebook and more are highly recommended

If you don’t need to use the phone, try to turn on the wifi calling in the settings. Similarly, your voice calls can be made via the Internet using applications such as Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime.

Moreover, disconnecting not-in-use devices is also a way to better the speed as smartphones and tablets alike often run in the background. The more devices connected to the wifi, the slower speed you will get.

Other tips to fasten Wifi connection

These are other tips to keep your wifi connection faster:

  • Place the router on a shelf or table instead of the floor, keep it switched on.
  • If you are making video calls or having online meetings, it will require less internet connection if you use audio while turning off the video.
  • Try carrying out the calls at a less crowded time.
Meeting Wifi Connection
Make sure your wifi connection is strong for work and entertainment also
  • Connecting your computer to the router directly with an Ethernet cable will provide the best speeds of broadband, much better compared to using wifi.
  • As telephone extension lead can cause interference that would lower the speed of your connection, try not to use it where possible.

For the inversed, steaming platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, and Disney+ have already reduced video quality to tone down the strain on internet providers.

However, some internet companies mention that they can operate the pressure because, in spite of the jump in usage these days, it’s still lower than the usual peak in the evening.

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