Wedding Special: 7 Annoying Things You Should Never Say To Newlyweds

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 09, 2019

They are setting the very first step on a new life after wedding. Your insensitive sayings are not recommended at this period of time.

It is such a sensitive period after the couple celebrates their wedding. Mixed emotions are presented, the happiness of finally tying the knot, sadness of leaving family, fear of starting a whole new journey, excitement for the future accompanying with each other. And right at that moment, it is ideal to have other family members and close friends side by side to help out and ensure everything will work in its accurate order.

However, it doesn't mean those near and dear can say anything they want. Unsolicited marriage advice, which is assumed to be wise and useful, can be heard from the elder, friends, strangers and even children. Not only are they unable to help at all, but they may terribly ruin the romantic atmosphere. It's the spouses' wedding, and all they need is your sincere congratulation, or merely to share the sheer happiness with you.

So remember to avoid saying the below 7 insensitive statements to newlyweds when you attend a wedding.

“Enjoy the honeymoon phase while it lasts.”

Wedding Advice 1

Their honeymoon isn't started yet, but you already put it an end? How are they expected to respond? Thank you for your warning? Or laugh it off as a joke? It will be blameful of you if the couple becomes too worried or anxious to enjoy their romantic honeymoon to the fullest.

“You will miss being single.”

What a terrible thing to say to a couple right after their wedding. They fall in love, find both the perfections and imperfections in each other, tolerate all and eventually come to a decision to tie the knot. With such a long time of consideration, they don't need your judgement if they will or will not miss the single phase. Moreover, it is, by some means, considered spoiling their just-started marriage life.

“Are you not scared that the divorce rates today are so high?”

Wedding Advice 3

Despite your telling the truth in today's society, the statement is incredibly insensitive and only said by some immature wedding attendants who have no idea about a particular occasion they are in. No matter how high or low the divorce rate is, it will have no influence on the newlyweds, not to mention they are so deeply in love right now that few things can make them separated.

“Why did you spend so much on your wedding?”

Just one sentence to say in this situation: It is none of your business! The amount of money utilised for the wedding is nowhere to be connected with you. It's their celebration, they can do whatever they want, based on financial ability, to pursue the highest satisfaction.

“Why did/didn’t you invite this person to your wedding?”

Wedding Advice 5

Because it is their wedding. That you have particular feelings about someone doesn't mean everybody must experience the same. The newlyweds have all rights in deciding who to invite and who not to. They will take the first action on whom they like and feel comfortable with, while the latter on the annoying ones. And be careful, if stupid sayings keep being stated, who knows the next one without invitation isn't you?

“You’re too old/ young to get married.”

Again, you are no one to give judgement should the couple and their family make decisions already. Yes, they can too young, but maybe they are madly in love and desire to start a shared life as soon as possible. In case they are a little bit over-aged, perhaps they want to experience each corner of this beautiful life before settling down, or even obtain more maturity and knowledge for a perfect marriage. There's no age limit (of course except one presented in law) to get married anyway.

“When can we expect the ‘good news’?”

Wedding Advice 7

It is the classic and typical annoying question. The newlyweds just get married. They need a break to balance the shared life and everything else before giving birth to the third family member. Furthermore, it's their private life, so please respect it and do not ask such insensitive questions.


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