The 5 Most Bizarre Dating Trends Of 2019 You Need To Know

Priyansh Ha |Oct 30, 2019

Multiple irrational practices have become popular! Whether you're single or not, keep yourself up-to-date with all these weirdest dating trends of the year.

In the first place, the term “dating” was related to the act of mating between the two people. However, in today’s world,  the term “dating” has become a complex and distressing task for many people.

This comes from the fact that nowadays, we can make approaches to anyone, from anywhere so easily that we might forget how cherished dating used to be. One leads to another when things get too vapid for people, they will come up with more “special”, sometimes bizarre dating trends. 

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Let’s that sink in, multiple irrational practices have become popular. So, you better know all these latest weird dating ideas. Here we list out 5 of the most viral trends of dating in 2019. This may help you in deciding what to avoid when having a date.

HSAY- 'How Single Are You?'

Being single doesn’t mean that you are entirely single. It's strange but true! In some cases, the person you are dating is actually keeping their special one somewhere deep down. No matter how interesting you are, you’ll always stay behind that “special one”.

Red Flag: When noticing that your date only do certain thing to a certain friend but not for you, ask them “How single are you?”. You’ll figure out eventually just by looking at their attitude.

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Though having backup plans is a healthy lifestyle, it turns toxic when it comes to a relationship. However, more and more people are shockingly keeping up with this bizarre dating trend. This may come from the dilemma when someone finds their date doesn’t live up to their expectations but not quite want to end the relationship. In this case, they will have the tendency to seek for alternatives. In this era, we call it “cookie-jarring”. Since between the two, there is no commitment yet, we can not say this is cheating but technically, it’s kinda. Of course, the backup plans do what they are for. When a cookie-jarred relationship comes to an end, they will immediately switch to another one. That’s how things work for them.

Red flag: A wandering eye can not lie. When your date refuses to go public on the relationship, you know there is definitely something wrong going on here. Don’t hesitate to ask them “Are we exclusive?”. Hope that you will get an honest answer. 

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Sometimes what you see isn't what you get, especially when it comes to the tech-world we are living in. The term “ kittenfishing" blooms as a result of the launch of multiple online dating apps. This is a tender form of "catfishing". Thanks to the advancement of photo-editing applications, people can change the way they look easily. Creating better images of themselves can give them the opportunity to approach better-looking dates. That’s basically the driven.

Red Flag: Avoid real-life night out, making numerous excuses for not meeting you in person are typical signs of a kittenfishing date. You can also guess it by seeing their tagged photos or the ways they always miss your video calls. Even when a relationship starts online, it's possible to come offline.

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 A zombie movie would be fascinating to watch but when it comes to love, a zombie-ing date is a absolute turn off. You may have been familiar with the term “ghosting” which is usually used as an indication of the situation when someone suddenly disappears from your life without any words. Zombie-ing is what comes after ghosting. The very person who has vanished now try to reconcile with you :D

Red Flags: One day you will see notifications from your exes liking your posts. They even slide to your DM and request to follow you.

Dating Compressed


Remember the old school days when you find it was easy to fall in love with the classmate whom you share the bench with? And when that one was absent, there will be another who was ready to fill in the empty seat immediately. That’s exactly how the ‘bench’ works when it comes to a relationship. People tend to seek some “back-up” partners and keep them in secret just in case the “official” one is unavailable.

Red flag: Even when he is online, it takes forever for him to reply to your message. He ditches you all the times and never wants to introduce you to his friends or family.


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