These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Run Away From Commitment And Marriage (Part 2)

Bindhiya Nhi |Jul 09, 2019

As love is written in the stars, your zodiac sign will reveal whether you are the best marriage candidate or the first person to run away from a commitment.

While some zodiac signs love the idea of spending eternity with their partner, others feel like marriage are traps that they need to avoid as much as possible. They know that once they get married, they no longer have the luxury of being irresponsible when troubles come.

Scroll down for the ranking of the zodiac signs who are most likely to end up being alone and who are least likely to run away from a lifelong commitment.


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Being passionate and ardent, a Scorpio wants to cement their love in the most extreme way, which means marriage. Once they are in a relationship with someone that they have strong feelings about, they will likely prepare for a marriage proposal any time soon.

When it comes to love, it is all or nothing for a Scorpio. If they are lukewarm about their love, they will leave without hesitation.

However, if they are asking for your hand, it means that they have already taken thing seriously.


Zodiac Sign Marriage 9
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From the way they dress, act, and love someone, Capricorn is undoubtedly the most traditional zodiac sign.

As they like to have everything in order, marriage is on the cards for them. They want to play a traditional role that fits in with society, believing that settling down is also a way to raise their status and ability.

A Capricorn wants to be a significant contributor to this world, and being part of a pair makes it easier for them. However, their partner might feel resentful living with them because they are the most down-to-earth, serious, and determined people.


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Leo wants it all and has no time for less, which means that they are likely to walk down the aisle if they find their right person. They love romance and teamwork, and these two facts make marriage extremely interesting and fulfilling for them.

Once this sign has already settled down, they will focus on pouring love into their partner rather than hanging out with friends as what they used to do before.

Leo follows what their heart wants, and it is not difficult for them to be keen on marriage.


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A Taurus tends to be needy because they want to be loved so badly. They are loyal, affectionate, and classy, being the best marriage candidates among other zodiac signs.

Once they find their love of the lifetime, a Taurus will do whatever it takes to hold on to that person because they value stability and commitment. As a result, marriage is always an attractive option for them.

However, as it takes a long time for them to give away their heart, only the strong will survive the wait.


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If you are looking for the best match for marriage, a Cancer will never let you down. Ruling the House of Home and Family, their biggest dream is a home filled with love and laugh.

They love taking care of others and being taken care of, which means that they never run away from walking down to the aisle with their partner.

At first, a Cancer might become picky, but once they settle down, they will inevitably focus on building their own dream-like family.

This sign genuinely respects the value of family, and they hope that their partner can also do the same.


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Libra is the most likely sign who will be more than ready to wear a white dress or tuxedo, eagerly waiting to share a passionate kiss with their partner at their wedding.

As this sign rules the House Of Marriage in astrology, "single" is not in their vocabulary for once. They love being in a relationship and sharing their lives with another particular person.

They grow interested in everything that comes with marriage, from adorable proposal ideas to big and glorious wedding events. Moreover, a Libra accepts the fact that married life has its ups and downs, so they will enjoy the messy fights and dramas instead of running away from them.


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