These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Run Away From Commitment And Marriage (Part 1)

Bindhiya Nhi |Jul 09, 2019

Marriage could be a big nightmare. These zodiac signs are most likely to say no to marriage and commitment, and they have their reasons.

Do you see marriage in your future? Or does the idea of tying yourself to one person for the rest of your life make you already feel uncomfortable? Love is written in the stars, and your zodiac sign can reveal your thoughts on marriage and commitment.

Scroll down for the ranking of the zodiac signs which are likely to end up being alone as they do not see the point in getting a marriage certificate.


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It might be bad news if you are having an Aquarius boyfriend or girlfriend: They are the least likely to walk down the aisle. You cannot get them to settle down because this highly independent sign is perfectly content being single.

They belong to a group of people who value freedom and cannot stand clingy lovers. Moreover, they dislike penning all of their hopes and dreams into only one person.

Though this sign makes exceptional friends, their fear of emotional intimacy makes it extremely difficult for them to get married to someone.


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Sagittarius is undoubtedly a restless sign, being the free-spirited and constant wanderers. They want to be free and follow their heart and desires, always craving for the next exciting thing in their life. As a result, this sign tends to struggle with commitment and marriage.

For them, the grass is always greener on the other side. It takes Sagittarius a certain kind of hyperactivity to settle down or else; the mere thought of married life will become their biggest nightmare.


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Unlike Aquarius and Sagittarius, a Virgo isn't afraid of commitment. However, as their sign pursues perfection, they always try to improve themselves and others in everything.

They think that they will get married once everything is sorted, but eventually, nothing is good enough for them.

They always look for their ideal partner, and sometimes, it takes them forever to do so. The only way to let them walk down the aisle is that they need to break some of their rules first.


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For a Gemini, what makes dating fun is the chase itself. However, once they have made their conquest, their attention might immediately wander somewhere else.

As this sign get bored very quickly, they find it impossible to stick with one person until the end of time. Although they are already in a relationship, they will still have one foot out the door and look for something better.

If someone asks them to give up their "chasing ways," they are more likely to run away instead. Even if they manage to stay in a relationship with their partner, their flirty nature is still a big deal.


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A Pisces is incredibly romantic and imaginative. They get carried away dreaming about their fairytale-like life in the future, having a sensitive and deep appreciation for the inner qualities of their lover.

However, when it comes to a serious commitment, the truth about their partner might be complicated for them to bare. The moment they become disenchanted and wake up to reality, their interests in marriage also fall into pieces.

They will go alone on this path instead of letting someone destroy their romance nature.


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An Aries has no problem walking down the aisle with someone they love. Despite that fact, they are famous as the most strong-minded and easily-frustrated people.

When it comes to conflicts and annoyances in their married life, they tend to respond with anger because they do not have much patience.

As this sign has trouble keeping their cool, their partner might feel uneasy living with them. In conclusion, Aries's best partner needs to be patient and understanding when needed.

To be continued...


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