WARNING: Dozens Of Teddy Bears Enjoying Super Swing In Netherlands Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Salena Harshini |Jun 18, 2020

Cuteness alert! These teddy bears in Netheralnds are having the best time of their life going on swing and even rollercoaster ride.

In this surprising turn of events, the Dutch amusement park named Walibi Holland was spotted assemble a large number of teddy bears and let them take a swing ride that was made for humans.

In the Youtube video shared by the team of the theme park themselves, 22 cream-hued teddy bears are seen swinging in the wind and totally “enjoying” it.

The park was temporarily closed in the order of Netherlands lockdown regulations. And although it has been reopened recently after there is some loose in rules, social distancing restrictions are still valid.

Well, the rules don’t apply to the bears who seemed to be very pleased with their hangout day.

For the unversed, they are the same dozens of teddy bears that previously appeared on the Untamed roller coaster of the park.

The previous 1-minute video showing bears on their relaxing roller coaster trip will make you have travel FOMO while also help you get rid of your fear of heights because they looked absolutely chill on the ride.

Teddy 1
Teddy Bears Roller Coaster
They took a roller coaster ride before, and they loved it!

The Untamed ride has garnered 385,000 views until now.  Untamed is the latest rollercoaster in this park. Also, according to Walibi Holland, its steel track which mounted on the top guarantees an exceptional ride on the track that is 1,085m long, at the speed of 92km/ hour. Guests will experience five times going upside down as well as 14 moments of airtime.

This time, the teddy bears have changed from roller coaster to air swing. There are also some stuffed koala going along with them. Seems like a fun gang!

Uploading the video on Youtube, Walibi Holland page shared,

"The teddy bears had so much fun in #UNTAMED that they were eager to test another attraction. This time they chose Super Swing. They would like to go to another attraction, but don't know which one yet. In which attraction should the bears be next?"

The footage has gone viral on the internet sphere with a lot of people expressing their appreciation towards Youtube for sharing this video. A user has commented “Thank you Walibi Holland for making my day” while there are also others comments like: “This lifted up my entire crappy day”, “Nice to see that they brought some friends along. :-)”

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