Taimur Ali Khan And Daddy Saif Ali Khan Are OBSESSED With The Rs. 3,500 Cap

Advika Hue |Apr 17, 2019

Taimur Ali Khan is the biggest star kid in Bollywood and he makes headlines every time he appears in the public. Lately, his appearance at the airport with his parents once again became a topic for everyone.

Taimur Ali Khan is the most famous kid in Bollywood right now. He is attracting more attention than his superstar parents and even becoming a little fashion icon with his cute style. Taimur now has grown to be a mischievous kid that his parents always have to pay attention to. Lately, Taimur was seen together with his dad Saif Ali Khan and his mom Kareena Kapoor Khan at the airport when they were leaving for a vacation, and his cool outfit has caught everyone’s eyes.

Taimur Ali Khan
Source: Instagram

In one of the photos, Taimur was sitting on his dad’s shoulders, looking fresh and stylish with denim outfit and a CCCP cap in red color. Although he seems a little bit grumpy, his adorable expressions will make your heart melt. His mother Kareena also looks beautiful and stunning as usual in simple casual clothes with a pink shirt and comfortable jeans.

Taimur Ali Khan
Source: Instagram

The fans immediately recognized that his dad Saif used to wear the same CCCP cap a year ago when he was coming back home after holding a birthday party for Taimur in Cape Town, South Africa. Saif was wearing all black outfit, tying a gray sweatshirt around his waist. The red CCCP cap became the highlight of the outfit, making him look not so monotone.

Saif Ali Khan
Source: Twitter

The red cap is very affordable at the price of only Rs 3500, and you can find it on any online shopping site. If you want to be as trendy as the kid star Taimur, why not get one for your self?

Though Taimur is just a 2-year-old little kid, he looks like a fashionista who can pull off any style he wears. He looks just like a mini version of his dad when wearing a similar cap. Let’s wait and see if Taimur will become a bigger fashion star than his parents.


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