Do You Know Bollywood Male Actors Also Have Plastic Surgery? See Before And After Of 11 Top Stars!

Salena Harshini |Jan 19, 2021

If you thought that only Indian actresses routinely went for “beauty” surgeries, you are dead wrong. In fact, men have been going for similar procedures for ages.

We often hear of or see plastic surgery being done on female celebrities. However, the use of cosmetic surgery is also associated with male stars in Bollywood. Many Hollywood actors have openly talked about their treatment, but Indian actors have these things done quite lowkey. Check out Bollywood male actors plastic surgery before and after photos here!

Bollywood Actors Plastic Surgery
With a documented history of public appearances and their sudden changes in their appearance, people assumed that they had plastic surgery

Here are some of the celebrities who have gone under some kind of plastic surgery. All of these are unconfirmed. However, look at these Bollywood male actors plastic surgery before and after pics, you may have an answer for yourself.

1. Shahid Kapoor - Rhinoplasty

The Kabir Singh actor always stays among the most desirable men in India from year to year. But yes, it seems that he did have plastic surgery a long time ago. Rumor has it that he had a nose job.

Shahid Kapoor Before And After
Shahid Kapoor's nose became slimmer and more pointed

The objective is basically to adjust the nose bridge into a more proper shape. The disparity in his look becomes quite frank when two photos are placed side by side.

2. Saif Ali Khan - Botox

Allegedly, he has got a number of Botox treatments. Speculation has done rounds when it comes to whether the Tandav actor has had a facelift, or removed his eye bags under the knife.

Saif Ali Khan Before And After
The Pataudi's baggy eyes also changed

Anyways, with these Bollywood male actors plastic surgery before and after pictures, we can’t deny that Saif’s skin does look much tauter and younger.

3. Aamir Khan - Botox

You may find it astonishing, but even Aamir Khan has also had cosmetic surgery somewhere on his face. Look at his photos from the 3 Idiots movie and those from before he began filming for it.

Aamir Khan Before And After
Aamir's wrinkles disappeared in a magical way

Unless the actor had found an elixir with the eternal spring of youth, netizens say they see no other ways for him to undo those wrinkles.

4. Salman Khan - Cheek Fillers, Botox

Salman Khan is one of the actors who seem to be most obvious that he had something done. Look at this Bollywood male actors plastic surgery before and after photo and you will see the point.

Salman Khan Before And After
His youthful face also made people believe that he went under the knife

Besides a hair transplant, he also had one or two botox shots. Apparently, his take on plastic surgery did not stop there as he also got cheek fillers.

5. Ranbir Kapoor - Hairline Correction

The Sanju star is also the heartthrob of many girls before he and Alia Bhatt became official. However, in order to maintain a good look, he apparently did a hair transplant.

Meanwhile, it was more like a corrective procedure. Ranbir used to have an uneven and jagged hairline. It was fairly easy to see it in his previous pictures.

Ranbir Kapoor Before And After
His hairline changed into unusually perfect

And then one fine day, he showed up with a flawless hairline. It looks perfect, but a little too much, we may say.

6. Shah Rukh Khan - Botox

King Khan was the most handsome and sexiest man in the world. However, the actor must also have see signs of the time on his face and decided to engage in botox treatments and other injections.

Shah Rukh Khan Before And After
SRK also decided to have his face upgraded a tad bit

Shah Rukh Khan has turned 55 years old and he still can enthrall every audience with his charm. Considering that he is still the king of acting in Bollywood with many entertainment activities, it is understandable that he wants to stay youthful on the screens.

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7. Karan Johar - Botox & Dermal Fillers

The multi-talented filmmaker is the only celeb on this list that has actually confirmed his getting botox. Moreover, he also had a few surgeries to the best that he wanted.

Karan Johar Before And After
The filmmaker is the only Bollywood male star who admitted having surgery

This move of Karan Johar is in fact commendable as not many would be as daunted to do the same thing. Apparently, the Good Newwz director not only had botox but also a bit of dermal filler around his cheekbones and nose.

8. Himesh Reshammiya – Hair transplant

He works predominantly as a singer but he is also an actor in Bollywood. Himesh Reshammiya used to always be seen with a cap or headgear.

Himesh Reshammiya Before And After
This hair transplant is like an elephant in the room

However, you may be open-mouthed now that he has the most shining and healthy hair ever. This might be the most obvious Bollywood male actors plastic surgery before and after pictures in the list.

It is obvious that he came out of a hair transplant therapy although the actor has never confirmed it.

9. Akshaye Khanna - Hair transplant

It seems that hair transplant is quite popular in terms of Bollywood actors plastic surgery. Akshaye started going bald quite soon and he had to wear a wig when he acted in films.

Akshaye Khanna Before And After
Akshaye Khanna also followed the trend of hair transplant

However, looking at his on-screen appearances and these Bollywood male actors plastic surgery before and after photos, he clearly went to get rid of the stain of a bald star.

10. Akshay Kumar – Hair transplant

The top-notch actor found out that he was losing some hair but he never shied away from hiding that fact. Akshay Kumar, instead, wore fake hair and toupee for his films.

Akshay Kumar Before After
Akshay Kumar's real hair before transplant shocked many fans

However, he seems to be more confident now after going through an alleged treatment for a hair transplant.

11. Kapil Sharma - Hair transplant

After Kapil Sharma became a top comedian and a household name in India, people started to see the differences in his hair. The actor's hair got lusher than ever.

Kapil Sharma Before And After
The famous comedian also has a major hair transformation

With the Bollywood male actors plastic surgery before and after photos, we can assume that he also had a hair transplant.

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