Tandav Web Series Download | When A High-Profile Director Partners Up With “Sacred Games” Badass

Leela Adwani |Jan 18, 2021

Helmed by high-profile director Ali Abbas Zafar, Tandav centers on a sensitive topic, politics. Watch, Download the hot series right now!

Web series “badass” Saif Ali Khan is back with another hotly anticipated show called Tandav. Started streaming on Amazon Prime Video on January 15, the show is currently taking the OTT platform by storm. No prize for guessing, Tandav web series download keyword is trending on the search engine.

Tandav Web Series Poster
Tandav Web Series Poster

Helmed by high-profile director Ali Abbas Zafar, Tandav centers on a quite sensitive topic, politics. Saif Ali Khan who left a mark on the audiences’ minds with the series Sacred Games portrays the role of a politician who is a big name in the political field. The 9-episode show also features Sunal Grover, Dimple Kapadia, Kumud Misra, and many more.

Tandav summary

The web series revolves around the over-ambitious politician Samar Pratap Singh (played by Saif Ali Khan) who is the son of the country’s Prime Minister, Devki Nandan. Samar hopes that his powerful father will offer the chair to him but everything doesn’t go as his expectation.

Tandav Web Series Scene Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan plays an ambitious politician

With the ambition of his political career flying higher, Samar takes the plunge to kill Devki. The son finds no solution in order to kick his father out of his way, he has to do so. It seems like everything was not that easy and if it was were, it would not be politics.

Tandav Web Series Scene
The kissing scene is an indispensable part of many movies in Bollywood recently.

Samar meets his father’s close friend Anuradha Kishore but this man is a roadblock for his career. In fact, Anuradha knows a lot of things that hardly Samar Pratap Singh can imagine.

Sarah Jane Dias
Sarah Jane Dias plays the role of Ayesha Pratap Singh

Meanwhile, Sama also has Gurpal in his corner who helps him clean up almost all the messes. However, we don’t want to reveal too much of the content of the series. Tandav is packed with a lot of turns and twists. You only know who will win the game of revenge, power, and deceit at the end of the show.

Tandav web series review

Reading the review before or after watching the Tandav web series download version totally depends on you as each has its own benefits. Knowing what other peoples, especially critics, say about the series can give a glimpse. The most important thing is that you will not expect too high about it so that you won’t disappoint too much either if it doesn’t look like what you imagine.

Tandav Web Series Amazon Prime
The series got a mixed response

In fact, Tandav is getting a mixed response from both the critics and the audiences. The series got 3 stars (out of 5) in the review of Times of India. Watching the series is said to be interesting and this experience is compared to indulging in banter with someone you don’t know on Twitter. The reviewer also heaped praises on the performance of the cast who make their presence felt.

Sarah Jane Dias 2
Sarah Jane Dias promotes the series

Meanwhile, according to India Today, with only 30 minutes per episode, the series is really a quick watch. It can be a good series to watch over the weekend.

As always, we recommend you watch the Tandav movie download version and have your own opinion. Maybe Tandav is not their favorite but yours.

Tandav web series download

Featuring one of the biggest Bollywood stars Saif Ali Khan, directed by well-known Ali Abbas Zafar who was the man behind massive blockbusters like Bharat or Sultan, it’s understandable when the search volume for Tandav web series download is skyrocketing.

Tandav Web Series Download
Tandav is currently one of the hottest series on Amazon Prime Video India

If you are in search of a fine quality version of the show, Tandav is currently available for free download on Filmyzilly.surf, in the web series download category.

In fact, we always want you to watch the series on the legal platform. It helps you avoid further trouble.

Tandav controversy

As soon as the series was out, it found itself in the center of controversies. An FIR was lodged against the makers, the writer, and the director to be exact because it was alleged for promoting religious enmity.

Tandave Controversy
Some scenes in the series land the makers in the trouble

Reports have it that the charges including raising enmity between religions, races, places of birth. According to the file, the series also makes destruction and damage of a place of worship.

Tandav web series trailer

The trailer of the series was dropped one week before its official release date by Amazone Prime Video India. It quickly created quite a buzz among the public. Within one week, the trailer got more than 47 million views on Youtube.

Wath the trailer below:

We hope that the Tandav web series download version we mentioned above will you a satisfying movie-watching experience.

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