Tandav Web Series Real Story: Which Politician Is The New Series Based On?

Salena Harshini |Jan 18, 2021

The hot political series has bee released and it is reported that Tandav is inspired by a hugely influential character.

Many gripping stories of the Indian political system have been made in Bollywood like Satta, Hey Ram, Raajneeti. While some display only surface-level entertainment, some other offer stimulating substance layers that makes one question the political status. Now that Tandav is going on floors, Tandav web series real story is also viral.

For the unknown, the series promises both said flavors. Helmed by Sultan director Ali Abbas Zafar, Tandav already had us rooting.

Find out what is the real story that inspires Tandav!

Tandav series cast

Here are the actors who are part of the new series.

Saif Ali Khan (Samar Pratap Singh)

After Sacred Games’ Sartaj Singh, Saif Ali Khan has high expectations from us. He will now act as Indian Prime Minister’s son.

The actor shared,

"My character is Chanakya-like, in the guise of a youth leader who comes from a privileged background and aspires to become the prime minister."

Tandav Scene
Saif Ali Khan plays an ambitious Prime Minister-want-to-be

Dimple Kapadia

Tandav web series real story also stars Dimple Kapadia as Anuradha Kishore, another well-founded voice in the series. She also lays her eyes on the big prize and does not want to be sidelined. In this power dynamics, she knows her spot and how to make it her advantage.

Sunil Grover

Grover will be Gurpal Chauhan, another deadbeat police. He thinks that politics is what stands between right and wrong.

Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub Khan

In the Tandav web series, Khan plays Shiva Shekhar. He is a young student who fights for his own rights but is not able to see himself as a future prime political leader.

Sarah Jane Dias
Sarah-Jane Dias plays Saif's on-screen love interest

Meanwhile, it also stars Kumud Mishra, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Sarah-Jane Dias, Kritika Kamra, Kritika Avasthi, and more.

Tandav web series plot

The new serial highlights Samar Pratap Singh’s life. He is the charismatic politician who aspires to be the Prime Minister after the demise of his father Devki Nandan.  The nepotistic way to throne is not strange in a nation like India. We have yet seen how creatively it is showcased but we are all excited.

Tandav 1
Tandav web series real story is executed quite well on the screens

Tandav web series plot disclosed an intense climate in democracy climate through many topics. To name some, we can witness nepotism, student political power, an unruly dad-son relationship, double-cross police, riots, one-sided protests, and more.

Saif Ali Khan, the main actor, also unveiled the Tandav web series real story is based on Dalit politics, UP officers, and Indian politics in general. He added that his character can be compared to an Indian economist and teacher of yore, Chanakya. Moreover, he was also the advisor to Chandragupta Maurya - Maurya Empire’s founder.

Saif Ali Khans Character Inspired By Chanakya
Chanakya is the economist who inspired the main character

In addition, people believed that Chanakya was born in 375 BCE. Also, he was famous for having written diverse political texts.

Chanakya was among the leading lights of economics and political science in India. His works got rediscovered in the early 20th century.

See whether the project is a wonder with Tandav web series download.

Tandav web series trailer

Saif Ali Khan’s Samar who comes from a political clan hopes to be the PM. Meanwhile, Grover is the cunning, know-it-all aide. Ayyub is the student leader and Mishra, Kapadia play those who want to reach the throne by any cost.

The well-cut trailer shows how the lives of these people are connected while making the drama in an unpredictable fashion. The Tandav web series cast is promising. Also, the script is made by Article 15 author Gaurav Solanki.

On another hand, Ali Abbas Zafar is famous for making commercial film projects. See whether he is able to make wonder with this serial as it is now out!

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