Sometimes Older Is Better, Here’s Why More Men Fall For Older Women

Kimmy Karima |Jul 31, 2019

It seems like middle-aged women are in demand, because many men would like to be with them, much more than with younger girls. Let’s find out why.

Gone are the days when most men want to date young (or at least, younger) girls. Now there is an increasing number of men showing interest in older women. Why oh why? There are, in fact, several good reasons for that.

Older women are more experienced

Middle aged women are more sexually experienced.

They don’t only have more experience in the way they express love, but also in bed. And more experience in bed means higher possibility to satisfy their partner. That’s not to mention the sexual skills they’ve acquired through the years.

Older women aren’t embarrassed to show their desires

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Knowing what they want and how they want it is an advantage.

Being more experienced, they know exactly what they really want in love and sex. And they don’t find any reasons to flinch from telling their partners how they want to do it. Which men usually find irresistibly sexy!

Older women have a very good understanding of men

A man loves it when his older partner understands him really well.

Apparently the women over a certain age have had at least a couple of partners in their (sex) life. So they have a good grip of what men need. And of course, they don’t mind trying every position or method in bed to make their men happy.

Older women know how significant sex is

Sex is healthy!

Unlike young girls who prioritize the romantic aspect in love, middle aged women understand that sex is healthy and very important to keep the bond with their partners. So they show more respect towards their men’s sexual desire and try harder to give their men steamy sex sessions.

A man admired by an older woman usually feels great about himself

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Men love being admired!

Many middle aged women are very attractive because they know their strengths and know how to take care of themselves. That’s why when a beautiful older woman shows her admiration for a younger man, that man will have a confidence boost.

Younger men can learn a lot from older women

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A mature woman is a good teacher.

This is quite obvious, yes? Besides real experiences, older women tend to read a lot so they likely have more sex knowledge and techniques. And they are willing to give their younger partners some training. It’s good for both, after all.

Older women are comfortable in their own skin

It’s not easy to feel really comfortable in one’s own skin.

In most case, the older one gets, the mature one becomes. Middle aged women tend to be more comfortable with their true selves. They don’t feel ashamed of anything related to their bodies and mindsets, because they have enough confidence in themselves. And to men, self-confidence means sexiness!

Many older women don’t ask for commitment

Older women often give their partners enough space.

Most middle aged women are quite open-minded in love and sex. They don’t need to join their partners at the hip all the time. They don’t even ask for commitment, at least not too soon. How great it is for men who need freedom and respect independence.


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