LOVE Guru: 4 Signs To Tell That Your Date Only "Peacocking" You

Kaira Immre |Aug 27, 2019

Here are 4 signs your date is peacocking you, aka they are trying to have a courting date with you.

You’ve ever heard peacocking before? Peacocking is the action in the beginning stages of flirting. A series of actions often don’t last long and only exist during "the chase" of a mate. Much like a male peacock displaying the fruitful colours of his feathers to catch the attention of a mate.

However, after confirmation of a close relationship maybe boyfriend or girlfriend, all the actions to impress you are gone. Are they actually interesting, or are they just trying way too hard?

For extra clarity, here are 4 signs of peacocking you, aka they are trying to have a courting date with you. And you have to be careful when approaching her/him.

They visually stand out

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Most people both girls and boys often have inspiration with a person who has fashionable awareness. Even the crazier they look, the more attractive they are. Their goal is to become the most outstanding person in the crowd to get crush’s notice.

For example, they are in the club and they see the guy they like? Maybe sexy dancing with a sparkling outfit shall be shown after that. A woman with a body dress or a man with courtesy who is performing an attractive dance in the centre shall get your notice, right?

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However, to become more outstanding in the crush’s eyes, some chooses other solutions. They come to the club with an attractive outfit that can glow in the dark. But instead of dancing with others, they’re standing alone with a cocktail.

It feels like they don’t notice anything around them. They would land in their private world. Actually, it may be also a way to get others’ notice effectively.

They make friends with your friends

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This is also one of the popular signs of peacocking process.

If they have a crush on you, but you don’t totally know him. Maybe they will create interactions by approaching in the circle of your friends. The smart thing is they only talk to your friends comfortably and don’t act like they’re interested in you. Keep it casual is the priority they do.

Texting is also one of the signs of peacocking

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A person who is peacocking you surely finds the way to contact with you every day. But they won’t reply to your message too quickly or slowly. SURE. And asking too many questions is the taboo. Because you won’t like being interviewed by unknown people, right? They are really smart in grasping others’ psychology.

They keep the conversation short with people they don't clearly notice

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Hmmm! Notice. You can see they will have a short and boring conversation with others. It sounds like they’re answering without sincere or even feeling annoyed. The simple reason is they have totally no crush on her/him. NOTHING AT ALL. But you’ll be amazed at their responses to some questions like why they have a pet turtle at a rooftop bar? These are 4 of too many signs of a person who is trying to peacock you. Consult and have smart behavior with them, all guys!


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