5 Reasons You Are Still Single And Love Has Not Knocked On Your Door

Bindhiya Nhi |Oct 27, 2019

You do not want to be single but no matter what you try, love has not even knocked on your door. Here are 5 reasons you are still single.

As flying solo has its own benefits, some people are single because they choose to be. However, some cannot find their other half due to some circumstances in their lives. If you do not make a goal to be forever alone, you might wonder why love has not knocked on your door yet.

There are many things to do if you want to increase your chances of meeting someone. If you are looking for a guide that saves you from loneliness, scroll down to find out 5 reasons why you are still single.

You Mistake Love For Neediness

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You might think that you want a man but it turns out that you are only being needy. As your friends start to find their other half one by one, you feel lonely and incomplete among them. You try your best to fill your empty heart with a man but it does not feel right.

A man never likes being a temporary lover just because his girl needs a companion. He thinks that soon there will be another man who can replace him as you do not love him wholeheartedly. Mistaking neediness for love can be one of the major reasons you are still single.

You Are Extremely Picky

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When you are flying solo, you might either at one of these two states: Willing to accept anything, or unwilling to go for anything less than your perfect ideal man. If you are at the second one, it means that you are being too picky. You think that you deserve the best because you have been waiting for so long for true love.

Setting high standards is not wrong but it is one of the reasons you are still single. Eventually, your choosiness might lead you to nowhere on the way of love.

You Do Not Pay Attention To Self-care

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You are too busy looking for your man that you pay less attention to self-care. Howeever, the best way to attract someone is to improve yourself and become a better woman who deserves a better man. By asking yourself "Would I want to date myself?", you can notice your weakness and find a way to work on it.

If you are healthy and confident, you also increase your chances to meet the same healthy and confident man. Once you are in your best state, your love life starts to change instantly. You try to figure out the reasons you are still single, but the answer is you and yourself.

You Chase Someone Who Never Chases You Back

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One of the most obvious reasons you are still single is chasing a man who does not want you. It seems to be a common phenomenon nowadays: People prefer chasing so much is that it feels like a challenge and a type of competition when it comes to love.

You have the right to make someone fall for you, but do not invest too much time into someone who does not even read your messages or initiate a conversation with you. Move on because your feelings also need to be reciprocated.

Your Faulty Filter System Blocks You From Love

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Everyone has a faulty filter system built from his interests, fears, and desires. If you are afraid of breakups, it is likely that you have to deal with breakups in your love life. If you are scared that your man will not return your feelings, you are likely to end up being rejected. Once you believe that you are worthy of love, it will come and knock on your door naturally.

Because this faulty system can heavily affect your love life, you have to adjust it properly. Think positive, love yourself and that's how you naturally turn on men.


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