5 Safe & Secret Places To Get Free Condoms In India You Might Not Know

Leela Adwani |May 11, 2020

Here are some ways to help you avoid dishing out of some bucks with 5 places to get free condoms in India.

If your relationship is taking to a higher level and you are thinking you’re likely to have a chance to get intimate with your partner, then remember that protection should be always prioritized. One thing you should know that condoms can’t give you total protection from STD, but they’re hands down the best defense in case you are sexually active.

Free Condoms Ft
Safety always comes first

If anyone thinks using condoms can protect you from getting infected like herpes that is usually transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, then stay away from such thinking. Condoms are nearly (yes, just nearly not 100%) effective at preventing unexpected pregnancy and some STI’s including gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Free Condoms
there are many places you don't know to get free condoms

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So when you are at the right moment, the good news is that there are more than just a few places to get condoms FOR FREE.

Here are some ways to help you avoid dishing out of some bucks.

Online Free Condom Store

For those who are unversed, in an attempt to reduce the rate of HIV infected patients across the world, AIDS Healthcare Foundation has launched a global non-profit condom store in April 2017. Turns out, this is also the first free condom store in the entire world.

Free Condoms 4
AFH India

If you want to order one (maybe more) from AHF’s store, contact: 1800 102 8102 or freecondomstoreahf@gmail.com

Your personal doctor’s office

Regardless of your religious background, where you come from, which kind of environment you are living in, it’s always a cringe-worthy moment when your doctor asks if you are sexually active. However, if you are in search of somewhere to get free condoms, that turns out to be the ideal time to pop the question. You may expect a big laugh from your doctor but maybe their reaction is far cry from your imagination as he/she will be so proud of you for always being high-aware of your sexual health.

Free Condoms 5

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Local health department

Google your city’s health department, go to the nearest one. It’s not 100% that you can get a free condom here but at least there is a chance.

Ask your relatives or friends

If they are a true friend and a good relative, they won’t want you to have unprotected sex either. Just tell them your current situation, the ideas are likely to flash into your mind. If you are lucky enough when having a close friend or relative who is medical staff, you will be easier to get free condoms. Believe us, no one has a high awareness of protecting themselves better than medical personnel, so just ask them if you have any at home.

Free Condoms 3
Your friend can also help you

If you don’t have one, your friend or relative can also help you. You may steal one they keep under the sink for their emergencies. They may also loan you a few bucks to buy one or even become your companion to a clinic. Remember that, don’t feel awkward or weird about asking! Your safety always comes first.


If you are willing to do charitable work and get some free condoms, enroll yourself in some organizations which aim at raising awareness for the public about safe sex. You’ll probably get at least one.

Free Condoms 2
Volunteering is always a good idea

Yes, there are a lot of ways to get free condoms you have never thought of. It’s bound to give you a new and interesting experience.


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