How Advanced Technology Redefines Our Experience In Bed, The Most Special Sex Toys Of 2020 And More

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 14, 2020

Indeed, there are more and more special sex toys has come into the limelight and all of those are aimed to change our experience in bed. Check out the most innovative sex tech products for a more pleasant experience.

Back to the 20th century, all we have when it comes to sex toys or tech devices are just vibrators, in different shades. However, the last decades of the 21th have witnessed an innovation of the sex tech industry with several startups and new products which are far different from the old-fashion pink vibrator we used to have. Indeed, there are more and more special sex toys have come into the limelight and all of those are aimed to change our experience in bed. 

While companies like Crave stirred up the world with a wearable sex tech device that looks exactly like a statement necklace, another startup from the US Lora DiCarlo won the CES award for their more-human-like vibration which mimics the touch of a tongue or a finger. 

Unbound special Sex Toys
A set of Unbound special sex toys which come in cool colors and shapes

However, the sex tech industry has developed on more than just products. According to Polly Rodriguez, CEO of the sexual wellness company Unbound, the sex tech industry is anything that supports and enhances the human sexual experience. 

Among the various number of new startup company of the sex tech industry, Unbound stands out to be a successful one which focuses on stylish sex toys which come in the shape of accessories with a wide range of colors and styles. A few of the company’s most popular products are Bender, The Booty Basics Set, Shimmy and Saucy which has nothing in common with the classic penis sex toys. 

special Sex Toys 2
The Pom - the newest realistic sex toys from Dame for minimalism users

Meanwhile, a sex education platform Tabú focuses on offering people a throughout, practical and illustrative approach to sex with their online classes and tutorials which are as fancy as a beauty guru’s Youtube vlogs. 

According to Tabú’s founder Davis, their company is aimed to cease the puritanical societal norms on sex which are mostly untrue. There is nothing to be ashamed of when talking about sex, periods or our bodies. You cannot enjoy it if you think it’s bad or wrong. 

Tabu Sex Education innovative sex toys
Tabu, the leading platform which provides users a throughout and open approach on sex, relationship and mental health

However, the most talked-about sex toy piece over the last year belongs to Crave’s Vesper which is a wearable necklace. Apart from the silver and gold version, the fashionable sex toy even comes in a 24-karat gold plating version. ‘You can wear your pleasure around your neck!’. This product has been taking sex out of the darkness and challenging the misperception that sex is taboo. Let’s sex become the conversation starter.

Crave Vesper special Sex Toys
Vesper, the vibrating necklace from Crave is said to be one of the most special sex toys at the moment

Apart from appealing customers and provide them distinctive experience with sex, sex tech companies also create innovation and special designs in order to promote their products on social media. In fact, sex toys companies cannot even sponsor their ads on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter just because ‘the sale of adult products is banned’. That’s why they have to build a brand and products which people would talk about.

Apart from sex toy startups, sex dolls companies also join the bandwagon of technology innovation. As we are no stranger to robot sex dolls, these company has been experimenting with AI sex doll which can hold both non-sexual and sexual conversations, react when you touch its lips and have the warm temperature body just like a human.

So flirting with an AI sexbot goes like:

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