[Sweet Moment] 93-Year-Old Couple Share The First Kiss In One Year After Fully Vaccinated

Leela Adwani |Mar 11, 2021

At the moment when the spouses reunited and locked eyes, their daughter told them that they could embrace.

If you feel your week is way too tedious and want something to warm your heart, then this tear-jerking story of a senior couple may fulfill your wish.

The Fuller Couple Now And Then
The Fuller Couple Now And Then

The story of the 93-year-old couple who married for more than seven decades

Lola who is using a wheelchair, with the support of their daughter named Ann Teschner, was brought to meet her husband Bill Fullers for brunch at their care home.

Mr And Mrs Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Fuller

At the moment when the spouses reunited and locked eyes, Ann told them that they could embrace by saying,

“You can actually hug her now dad.”

The Couple Enjoy The Brunch Together
The Couple Enjoy The Romantic Brunch Together

Seemingly not sure, Bill asked again,

“Can I hug her?” before Ann confirmed, “We’re all C.o.v.i.d vaccinated.”

The Mr. and Mrs. Fullers then enjoyed their romantic brunch together, reminisces about the first date. The couple took a walk down the memory lane of the first day of their relationship when the young Fullers went ice skating together and gentle and gallant Bill laced up the ice skate of Lola.

The kiss

Wonderful was what Lola felt after the sweet reunion with her partner. Meanwhile, Bill also revealed one simple tip to keep his marriage always happy is “never have a fight.”

The Sweet Kiss Of Senior Couple
The romantic kiss of a senior couple

They ended the meal by blowing romantic kisses. We bet that the moment surely melts the heart of every witness.

They Still Wear Masks
He always takes care of her

It’s not wrong to say the pandemic has separated a lot of couples like the Fuller family. A hug, a kiss which is something normally happening every day but it turns out to be a treat now.

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