8 Important Advices You Should Read Before Moving In With Your Partner

Bindhiya Nhi |Jul 03, 2019

Congrats on caring enough about someone to share your personal space with them every single day. Here's what you should do to make it work perfectly.

Moving in with your girlfriend or boyfriend is undoubtedly one of the most important of all the relationship milestones out there. Besides the excitement of cooking, watching movie marathons, or having endless nights of cuddling together, living together also requires a lot of compromises.

No one wants to end up yelling or walking out of the door later, so you will need to know about the ground rules.

Scroll down for 8 must-read pieces of advice you should know before signing a lease and moving in together with your partner.

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The 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

1. Are they messy?

In any relationship, one partner is likely to be more organized than the other. If your partner is a slob, their mess will always grate on your nerves. Can you accept that fact and try to figure out how to keep your sanity?

2. How much do you know about their finances?

Money is the biggest cause of arguments in any relationship. When it comes to mutual living, sharing the details of each other financial state is the key point. Is your partner financially stable? Do they often squander their money, being late on paying their bills?

3. Do you like their friends? 

You finally find your soulmate-level connection, but then you forget about their friends. Later, there is one of those friends who tends to overstay their welcome, completely ignoring all of the social cues. Make sure that you also need to know about your partner's friends before everything goes out of your control.

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The 6 Rules You Need To Go Over

1. Your sex life will not stay the same anymore

Surprisingly, not every of your night is going to be a passionate and sweaty night. When living apart, both of you try to make time for sex. However, mutual living may reduce the frequency of sex. You will need to lower your expectations, understanding that love can still be intimate without those sexual activities.

2. Share the cleaning responsibilities 

Before moving in, do not forget to openly discuss and divide household chores. Remember that it does not always have to be 50/50, in case that one person might have more working hours than the latter. You can volunteer to do something that does not drive you crazy and your partner has the right to do the same.

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3. Be prepared for bad habits

Wacky habits are inevitable. When you live with your partner, both of you slowly discover each other's annoying quirks. These habits used to be cute, but now they seem extremely annoying when you deal with it every day. You should take time to discuss ways to rectify these dealbreakers and live together in harmony.

4. Figure out how much "alone time" you need

There will be a big lifestyle change when you finally move in with them: From seeing your partner a few times a week, you will get to see them every single day. Not everyone is ready to sacrifice their "alone time", especially if their partner is a clingy person. You have to negotiate with them, stating that spending time apart is sometimes the best way to appreciate the time you two spend together.

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5. Live together, learn together

Mutual living has its ups and downs, but either way, you know that both of you are all in this together. Do not try to solve your problems alone. In fact, regular and honest communication is the only way to handle any issues. People tend to think that a couple who cohabit might never want to walk down the aisle together. However, you do not have to worry much. Many couples decide to move in together just because they want to make sure they have found the right person before they get married.


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